SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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MADOCA Control Framework

1. What is MADOCA ?

A control framework of accelerator and beamline, MADOCA, was originally developed by the SPring-8 control group in 1994. MADOCA is distributed control architecture based on the client-server message oriented middleware (1, 2). The MADOCA framework provides a set of adaptive software consisting of the man-machine interface, the message communication, the relational database, the alarm surveillance/notification, the I/O signal control libraries and so on. The framework can be easily implemented over a 3-tier standard model of the control system. Especially, MADOCA database system is strong to provide equipment diagnostics by checking equipment signal archive databases, and plays an essential role to enhance electron beam stability. Equipment control layer, device control, is designed for operators to control devices without knowing hardware I/O configuration by abstraction. A control message is formed by a human-readable text string such as S(ubject)/V(erbe)/O(bject)/C(omlement) form. The operators control accelerator equipment by sending a set of S/V/O/C messages to a framework server process (access server software) that delivers the messages to the proper destinations.

The MADOCA software runs on UNIX operating systems such as HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux. Personal computers, workstations, mobile PDAs and VMEbus computing systems are supported as platforms. According to the flexibility and extendability architecture of MADOCA, various applications of device controls can be achieved by suitable migration to the wider equipment controls. A low latency control system can be built with MADOCA by choosing proper Ethernet configuration, front-end I/O controllers such as VMEbus systems and FA computers, and also operator console computers. The MADOCA-based control systems were successfully installed to the accelerators of SPring-8 and other synchrotron radiation facilities as shown in the below. MADOCA application is not limitted only for the accelerator and beamline controls but also for various physics experiments data-acquisition systems.

2.History of activities

1994   Conceptual design of the 8GeV storage ring control system (base of MADOCA) started.
1997   SPring-8 8GeV storage ring commissioning - first application of MADOCA control system
1998   MADOCA was newly introduced into the NewSUBARU storage ring.
1999   Control system of the SPring-8 booster synchrotron was replaced with MADOCA.
2000   Control system of the SPring-8 linac was replaced and upgraded with MADOCA.
2002   Control system of HiSOR, Hiroshima University, was replaced with MADOCA.
2003   SPring-8 control framework was formally named as "MADOCA".
2005   MADOCA is newly introduced into the 250MeV SCSS-XFEL test accelerator of RIKEN
2006   MADOCA will be introduced to a planned 8GeV XFEL linear accelerator of RIKEN

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