SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Chemical Sample Preparation Room

The Chemical Sample Preparation Room (dkyo1) is located on the south side of the D1 door of the Storage Ring building. The Room is available around the clock to users who have been given instructions on the usage and safety of the Room (As a general rule, the staff providing instructions is available only from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays). For details about the Room, please refer to the Chemistry Preparation Room website. Please also note that since the Room has card-controlled access, prior registration is required; if you wish to use the Room, please sign up from the website at least 10 days in advance.

[Available Equipment]

gas supply unit (compressed air, argon, nitrogen), fume food, scrubber, laboratory benches, sink, measurement table

[Other Available Instruments]

electronic scales, refrigerator, ice maker, distilled water/ion exchange water system, ultra pure water system, pH meter, ultrasonic cleaner, aspirator, digital constant temperature water bath, sealer, vacuum desiccator, auto dry desiccator

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