SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Guidelines of the Experiment Network for Users

1. Introduction

“Experiment Network for Users (hereafter: “the Network”)” is a network that is built for the purpose of supporting users experiments. It has the security measures that are indispensable to maintain a safe and smooth network environment. It is necessary that you agree to the following user guidelines in order to use the Network:

2. Use of the Network

  1. Computers with security and anti-virus measures can be connected to the Network. For the instruments that run with the computer operating system, the security measures must be adhered to as much as possible.
  2. You can operate the X-ray generators such as insertion devices with the Network within the radiation controlled areas.
  3. The Network only allows connections with cables but does not allow wireless LAN connections.
  4. Please be advised to consult your beamline staff assigned for each beamline on your computer connections.

3. Security Measures

The following security measures must be taken for the computers used to connect to the network in advance:

  1. Download and install the newest security updates for your operating systems and application software.
  2. Use the anti-virus software and keep the definition files up to date.

4. Prohibited Matters

  1. External connections to the Network are not permitted. “External” includes each LAN within SPring-8, besides the Internet from outside the premises.
    1. It is mandatory to follow the Japanese Law “Act on Prevention of Radiation Disease Due to Radioisotopes, etc.”.
    2. In the case of using the “Wide-area Remote Experiment System” officially provided by SPring-8, the Network can be accessed from the outside.
  2. The network for accelerators and beamline controls are forbidden to be connected.
  3. Connection to different networks is forbidden.
    1. Connection between different beamlines is forbidden.
    2. When you connect your computer to the “on-site wireless LAN” in the radiation controlled areas, connection to the Network is not allowed.
    3. In order to connect your computer with wireless LAN to the Network, please disable the wireless LAN function on the computer.
    4. The Network cannot be connected to a telephone line, etc., which allows communication with the outside.
  4. Users are only allowed to access the Network within the network segment boundaries set by the network administrator.
    1. Any access to the Network from outside using VPN or related tunneling software (SoftEther, etc.) is prohibited.
    2. Regardless of wired/wireless, any linkup using the network gateway (wireless LAN access point, dial-up routers, etc.) is prohibited.

5. Suspension of Use

Your network connection may be suspended in the following cases:

  1. When the terms of use and prohibitions of the Network guidelines are violated.
  2. When the network administrator or network staff regards it necessary to take action to maintain the secure operation of the Network.

6. Special Remarks

In order to maintain the security of the Network, the network administrator or network staff may conduct the following network surveillance:

  1. Collection of the network packets and monitoring by using the diagnostic tools.
  2. Use of scanning tools to diagnose security vulnerabilities.

Please contact the JASRI User Administration Div. SPring-8/SACLA Users Office for any questions about the Network guidelines.

2014/01/16 Revised