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Additional Call for 2018A Proposals for BL05XU and BL35XU

This call has been closed.

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) has finished reviewing all the submitted applications for 2018A beamtime. Since there is still some beamtime left at BL05XU and BL35XU, JASRI launches additional call for 2018A proposals to be carried out at these beamlines. Interested parties are encouraged to apply. Please see below for more details.

Types of Proposals Available:

Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposals
General Proposals (proprietary)
General Proposals (non-proprietary)
Budding Researchers Support Proposals
Social Interest Proposals


BL05XU (X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and X-ray microspectroscopy)
BL35XU (High Resolution Inelastic Scattering)

Research Period and Number of Available Shifts:

26 shifts for BL05XU during the period between late June and August 6, 2018.
27 shifts for BL35XU during the period between 23 July and August 6, 2018.
N.B. Out of above shifts, the maximum numbers of shifts available for Social Interest Proposals are 6 shifts and 24shifts for BL05XU and BL35XU, respectively.

Submission Deadline:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 10:00 am (Japan time)

Application Method:

Submit your proposal application online from the User Information website (UI site).

UI site: http://user.spring8.or.jp/?lang=en > Login to My Page > Application/Reporting > New


- The same basic rules as for 2018A proposals will apply to users. Click here for details.


- JASRI has been announcing the calls for other proposal types separately:
(1) Second call for 2018A for Engineering Science Research Beamlines, and
(2) Call for Proprietary Time-Designed Proposals (incl. measurement services).

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