The 12th APPEAL Seminar
APPEAL 12-04
Date and Time: 11:30 - 12:30, September 8th, 2004.
Place: Seminar room B, Main building 3F, SPring-8
Speaker: Dr. Tsutomu Mibe (Ohio University, USA)
Title: Phi-meson photoproduction, New results from LEPS/SPring-8
Abstract: Phi-meson photoproduction near the threshold with linearly-polarized photons provides information on a possible exotic production mechanism such as the glue-ball exchange process.
A measurement of differential cross sections and decay angular distributions for the phi-meson photoproduction on protons has been carried out near the threshold at BL33LEP of SPring-8(LEPS).
In this talk, new results on the differential cross sections and the decay angular distributions will be shown. The differential cross sections as a function of the beam energy shows a peaking structure which is incompatible with the model calculation based on the Pomeron exchange and pseudo scalar exchange processes. I will discuss a possible interpretation of the results in connection with forthcoming results from new data with a deuteron target and experiments with higher beam energy.
Contact: Prof. Hiro Ejiri. SPring-8/IIAS/RCNP