The 18th APPEAL Seminar
APPEAL 18-07
Date and Time: 16:00 - 17:00 March 30, 2007
Place: Meeting room in front of central control room, Main building 2F, SPring-8
Speaker: Prof. Hiro Ejiri, JASRI/SPring-8 & Osaka University
Title: Nucleons, quarks and leptons in nuclei
Abstract: This colloquium aims at showing to non-scientists schematic pictures of nucleons, quarks and leptons in nuclei. Spin and orbital motions of nucleons in nuclei, the spin motions of quarks in nucleons, and lepton (neutrino-electron) interactions with quarks and nucleons are illustrated schematically by using pictures. The LEPS(laser electron photons at SPring-8) and the MOON DBD spectroscopy for neutrinos are crucial for studies of quark and neutrino nuclear physics in the 21st century.
Contact: Prof. Hiro Ejiri, SPring-8/IIAS/RCNP