The 19th APPEAL Seminar
APPEAL 19-07
Date and Time: 13:30 - 14:30 August 13, 2007
Place: Auditorium, Main building 1F, SPring-8
Speaker: Dr. Alex Bogacz, Center for Advanced studies of Accelerators, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA, USA
Title: Towards Neutrino Factory and Future Muon Colliders
Abstract: Muon colliders and neutrino factories are attractive options for future facilities aimed at achieving the highest lepton-antilepton collision energies and precision measurements of parameters of the neutrino mixing matrix. Their performance and feasibility depend strongly on how well a muon beam can be cooled and accelerated to multi GeV energies. Recent progress in muon cooling design studies and prototype tests encourages the hope that such facilities can be built during the next decade. The status of the cooling schemes and multi pass linac acceleration will be summarized.
Contact: Dr. Yuji Ohashi, SPring-8
Prof. Hiro Ejiri, RCNP