SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)

Research Group:

Research and Applications on Integrated Molecular Systems toward Materials Innovation

  Kunihisa Sugimoto
  1-1-1 Koto, Sayo, Sayo, Hyogo 679-5198 JAPAN
  Telephone / Fax: +81-791-58-2750 / +81-791-58-2512
  ksugimoto( at )spring8.or.jp

Research Area:

Fundamental Characterizaton, Applied Materials


BL01B1, BL02B1, BL02B2, BL03XU, BL14B2, BL27SU, BL40XU, BL40B2

Overview of Research Group, Goals and Purposes:

This research group “Research and Applications on Integrated Molecular Systems toward Materials Innovation” is established as a part of SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC) and aims at developing structural interactions and links between scientists, engineers, policymakers, and society who contribute researches on innovative materials for sustainable progress of Japan and also human beings. Our research activity covers areas on science of “coordination polymer or molecular organic framework, metal nanoparticles, metal assembled complexes, highly elaborated π-conjugated system and related nanocarbons, sequentially and hierarchically-regulated polymer, biomolecular -based supramolecular materials, and molecular- and elements-assembled materials at large. To create innovative materials, the priorities of this group are set emergence of the molecular technologies and synchrotron science being led by SPring-8 in which the cutting-edge synchrotron technologies based on multi-beamline contributions for single crystal X-ray diffraction, powder X-ray diffractions, small angle X-ray scattering, and X-ray absorption spectroscopies will be provided to achieve cooperative research system for all the researchers in this group and also other SPRUC members.