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Research Group:

Research group on spin and electron densities in momentum space

  SAKURAI Hiroshi
  1-5-1 Tenjin-cho, Kiryu, Gunma 376-8515, Japan.
  Tel: /Fax: +81-277-30-1714/ +81-277-30-1707

Research Area:

Fundamental Characterization, Applied Materials, Measurements



Overview of Research Group, Goals and Purposes:

The aim of the research group is to support research activities such as the elucidation for quantum states in materials through the observation of spin and electron densities in momentum space, the investigations of controlling the functional properties of materials based on the knowledge in the momentum space, and the technical development of novel experimental techniques by taking advantage of the high penetrating power of high energy X-rays and characteristics of Compton scattering. Recently the X-ray Compton scattering technique, which can measure the momentum density distribution in materials, has been used in a wide range of research fields, owing to the developments in high energy X-ray spectroscopic technique, sample environmental technique, and data analysis method. From the following perspective, 1) proceeding with fundamental researches thus far developed in this research group, extending the scope of materials, by collaborative investigations with the aid of theoretical and other experimental methods, and 2) developing novel techniques in accordance with social demands, the group will contribute to develop science and technology of spin and electron densities in momentum space. The group mainly focuses on the following themes.

  1. Imaging of quantum state: we aim at visualizing Fermi surface, spin and orbital states in materials such as high-Tc superconductors, strongly correlated electron systems and promising battery materials.
  2. Observation of states of matter under extreme conditions: we aim at observing the electronic state of materials in supercritical state, non-equilibrium conditions and high energy density state.
  3. Development of fundamental technology: We will contribute to the development of high resolution detector for high energy x-ray spectroscopy, and optical or insertion device which generates high energy circular polarized x-ray.