Notification of experimental animal delivery schedule

Notification of experimental animal delivery schedule

I would like to bring in experimental animals to SPring-8, so I inform you of my delivery schedule as follows;

Proposal Number* None Application Number*
Experiment period
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Animal experiment leader Name*
Affiliation (Department)*
Sender Name*
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Animal carrying-in person (select)* Agent Experimenter
Name of animal supplier (company or organization) *
Animal species, phylesis, gender, quantity, gene-modified/non-gene-modified*
Delivery schedule*

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1. When placing an order with an experimental animal supplier, please be sure to specify its delivery place as the Experimental Animal Facility.

2. In case of animals kept in your facility, etc, please be sure to submit 'Documents on microbial monitoring or microbial control'

3. When this formmail is not submitted one week before the delivery or carring-in, Bring your experimental animals into SPring-8 is not allowed .

4. In case of the gene-modified animals, please be sure to input your genetic recombination experiment application number in the message field. Animals with no application number is unacceptable.

5. When storing your experimental animals continuously in the facility after an experiment for the reason of progress observation, etc. please be sure to input the reason and period in the message field.

6. If there are some messages for SPring-8 staff, please input them in the message field.