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X-ray diffraction experiment using ultra-thin crystal

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BL41XU (Structural Biology I)

Scientific keywords

A. Sample category biology, medicine, research on method, instrumentation
B. Sample category (detail) biomolecule, crystal, protein, pharmaceuticals
C. Technique X-ray diffraction
D. Technique (detail) single crystal
E. Particular condition low-T (~ liquid N2)
F. Photon energy X-ray (4-40 keV)
G. Target information molecular structure, structure analysis, function and structure

Industrial keywords

level 1---Application area Pharmaceuticals
level 2---Target process analytical technology (PAT)
level 3---Target (detail) protein, drug
level 4---Obtainable information crystal structure
level 5---Technique diffraction


A80.50 Pharmaceuticals, M10.10 single crystal diffraction

Body text

Fragellin is the protein that is one of the component of bacterial fragellar. The F41, fragment of the fragellin, was crystallized only in the thickness less than 10µm (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Picture of ultra-thin crystal of fragellin fragment F41
scale bar indicates 300m.

[ F. A. Samatey, K. Imada, F. Vonderviszt, Y. Shirakihara and K. Namba, Journal of Structural Biology 12, 106-111 (2000), Fig. 1,
©2000 Elsevier B. V. ]


Using neither X-ray generator in laboratory nor bending magnet beamline in past synchrotron facilities, it was very difficult to obtain X-ray diffraction data from such an ultra-thin crystal with sufficient quality. High brilliant X-ray beam from undulator of BL41XU enable to measure X-ray diffraction data in high resolution and with sufficient accuracy.


Source of the figure

Original paper/Journal article

Journal title

F. A. Samatey, et al., J Struct Biol., 132(2), 106-111 Nov (2000)

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Source of the figure

No figure

Required time for experimental setup

0 hour(s)


Instrument Purpose Performance
Protein Crystal Diffractometer To record diffraction data


Document name
F. A. Samatey, et al., J Struct Biol., 132(2), 106-111 Nov. (2000)

Related experimental techniques


The measurement was possible only in SPring-8. Impossible or very difficult in other facilities.
This solution is an application of a main instrument of the beamline.

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Ease of analysis


How many shifts were needed for taking whole data in the figure?

Four-nine shifts

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