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BL46XU X-ray diffractometer for structural characterization of thin films

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X-ray Diffractometer for structural characterization for thin films

At BL46XU, RIGAKU ATX-G, widely used as a conventional X-ray diffractometer, has been specialized to the structural characterization of thin films by grazing-incident X-ray diffraction experiments. Both in-plane and out-of-plane measurements are available. Drive axes for the sample are ω axis (inclination, resolution: 0.001deg/step, range: -10~190°) and φ axis (vertical rotation, resolution: 0.001deg/step, range: -170~185°), and those for the detector arm are 2θ axis (resolution: 0.002deg/step, range: -3~158°) and 2θχ axis (resolution: 0.002deg/step, range: -3~150°). The sample stage is arranged to vertically hold a wafer of maximum 100mm long. A motorized orthogonal XY swivel is controlled by an automatic sample setting program to carry out quick sample alignment. As is in the multi-axis diffractometer, we use a He-gas-exchange-type sample holder with a Kapton dome of about 200mm in diameter and about 50μm in thickness to efficiently reduce background noise due to air-scattering around the sample. On the acceptance side, a solar slit, a plug-in replaceable double slit, and a Si(220) analyzer are available and a scintillation counter is used as a detector.

X-ray Diffractometer for structural characterization of thin films (ATX-G)


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