Biology Preparation Rooms in Biomedical Imaging Center


Just on the other side of the main gate or the central building. The closest exit from the Main Ring for access to the Center is the C1 door.


There are two buildings in the Bioedical Imaging Center (Beamline Building and Lab/Office Building). In the Beamline Building, there are two beamline stations (hutches Nos. 2 and 3 of BL20B2 and hutch No. 2 of BL20XU) for biomedical applications and related facilities. The Animal Operation Room near the BL20B2 station is equipped with an experimental table, a stereo microscope, a refrigerator, etc. In the Lab/Office Building is the Biology Preparation Room at Biomedical Imaging Center, which is freely available for users. In addition, there are a number of preparation rooms used for the purposes of biochemistry and physiology, as listed below. Users may also use these rooms, after appropriate administrative procedures.

(1) Biology Preparation Room at Biomedical Imaging Center

(2)@Biochemistry Preparation Rooms (1,2)

(3)@Physiology Preparation Rooms (1,2)