Biochemistry Preparation Rooms (1,2)

(1) Water purifying sysem and icemaker

In Biochemistry Preparation Room (1) are a water purifying system (Millipore Elix-10 and Milli-Q Adacemic) and an icemaker. No special administrative procedure is needed to collect purified water or ice from these instruments. However, those who use these rooms for the first time are requested to be instructed by the administrator.

(2) Other Operations

Those who wish to prepare buffers, to prepare proteins, etc., are basically expected to use the Biology Preparation Room at Ring (D zone). Users may use the Biochemistry Preparation Rooms in the following cases:

(a) If the user needs to use instruments not in the Biology Preparation Room at Ring, or if the instruments in the Biology Preparation Room are not sufficient.

(b) If the Biochemistry Preparation Rooms are closer to the beamline the user is going to use than the Biology Preparation Room at Ring, or the user wishes to use the Biochemistry Preparation Rooms in close association with other facilities in the Biomedical Imaging Center.

(c) If the user is instructed specifically to use the Biochemistry Preparation Rooms.

(d) If the administrator acknowledges that the use of the Biochemistry Preparation Rooms is essential for user's experiments.

In any event, the user must file an application form to the administrator and have neccesary instructions in advance. Use only the instruments the user is allowed to use. After use, keep record in the log book.

(3)Major equipment in the Biochemistry Preparation Rooms

Central experimental table (Oriental)

Water purifying system (Millipore, Elix-10, Milli-Q Academic)

Icemaker (Hoshizaki)

pH meter (ORION)

Electronic balances (SARTORIUS, three of them)

Double-beam spectrophotometer (Hitachi)

Fluorescence spectrophotometer (Hitachi)

Fumehood (Oriental)




  Desk-top (SIGMA)

  Large capacity (Hitachi)

  Ultracentrifuge (Hitachi)

Centrifugal evaporator (EYELA)

Freeze dryer (EYELA)

Gel electrophoresis documentation system (KODAK)


Depending on the nature of operation, users may use disposable items or common chemicals if approved by the administrator.

Administrator: Hiroyuki Iwamoto (PHS: 3884)

Physiology Preparation Rooms

In these rooms are stereomicroscopes, an inverted microscope, and electric stimulators. There are also instruments needed to prepare thin sections, such as a microtome and an oven. Users may use these instruments if the use is essential for performing their expmeriments. Please consult the administrators.

In addition, one of the rooms is equipped with an Nd-YAG laser (Continuum, Identical to the one in the BL40XU beamline station). Users may use this to perform some tests by using this facility. In this case, the user must submit an application form (free format) along with the documents to prove that the user has been registered as a user of class IV lasers in his/her institute and that the institute agrees that the user has no health problem in using such lasers. The laser has an interlock system for safety and the way of use which requires an alteration in the system is not allowed.

Administrators: Hiroyuki Iwamoto (PHS: 3884), Naoto Yagi (PHS: 3852)