Home page of Chemistry Preparation Room
updated 2023/09/28


Rules of the use of Chemistry Preparation Room have changed.

Chemistry Preparation Room is now operated by Research and Utilization Division of JASRI, SPring-8.

●Outline of Chemistry Preparation Room

Chemistry Preparation Room is located on the south side of the D1 door of the Storage Ring building (We used to have two rooms but one is now closed). The Room is equipped with a fumehood with a water scrubber, and under this hood, one may use volatile acids, corrosive gases (such as HF), etc. Users must apply for the use of the Room by sending an application form in advance. Admitted users may use the Room 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day. The entrance is controlled by an ID card reader. Prior to use, users are requested to take an instruction course by one of the lab managers.

Procedures for the use of Chemistry Preparation Room

(1) Application

(2) Instruction before use and check after use

(3) Use of chemicals

a. Chemicals equipped in the Room

b. Chemicals to carry in

c. Use of the fumehood

d. Experimental waste (liquid)

(4) Use of gases

(5) Experimental waste (solid)

(6) In case of emergency

(7) Miscellaneous

(8) List of the equipment and instruments of the Room

(9) Contact information for the lab managers

Chief lab manager: Gou Matsubara (PHS:3492)

lab managers:

For questions and opinions please contact the administrator.