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SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)

Research Group:

Nanodevice Science Research Group

Research program officer:
  Ohno Hideo / Tohoku University
  Ono Teruo
  Kyoto University
  Telephone / Fax: +81-774-38-3103

Outline and goals of the research group:

For research in spintronic nanodevices, Japan has an academic foundation to produce various products and plays a leading role in the world. Spintronic nanodevices use degrees of freedom of spins and electric charges to express various new functions including nonvolatile magnetic memories and microwave oscillators. These devices operate at a high speed and low voltage, have a wide range of applications, and are highly durable, realizing high performance that cannot be achieved with ferroelectric memories. Research on spintronic nanodevices is essential for modern society in which energy saving, safety, and security are emphasized. However, most current studies are based on electrical measurements and simulations, and what is occurring in the devices is still unclear. An urgent task is to further improve the performance of spintronic materials by understanding actual phenomena in a microscopic region that occur during macroscopic measurements using various synchrotron radiation tools.

The purpose of the Nanodevice Science Research Group is to create a synergetic effect that cannot be realized when individual approaches are carried out independently by sharing and accumulating related information and expertise. This is realized by comprehensive analyses using various advanced synchrotron radiation tools to capture the structure, electric charges, and spins of nanodevices. Through research activities, the new field of "Materials Design toward Creation of Nanodevices using Synchrotron Radiation" will be established to realize novel high-performance functional materials and devices that accelerate the realization of a sustainable society.

History of activities and future plans of the research group :

May 2015 :

We applied for the Epoch-Making Initiatives Proposals Program, and our proposal was accepted. We started experiments using BL08W, BL13XU, BL25SU, and BL39XU in the 2015B term.

September 4, 2015 :

The 1st Meeting of Practical Spintronics Epoch-Making Initiatives was held at SPring-8 Public Relations Center Lecture Hall (M).

November 2015:

We applied for beamtime allocations for Epoch-Making Initiatives Proposals in the 2016A term. March 10, 2016: The 2nd Meeting of Practical Spintronics Epoch-Making Initiatives will be held at Grand Park Plaza.

March 10, 2016:

The 2nd Meeting of Practical Spintronics Epoch-Making Initiatives will be held at Grand Park Plaza.