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About the SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)

April 2012
June 2015
August 2016
July 2017


The SPRUC is a user organization formed by SPring-8 users. In close cooperation with the Registered Institution for Facilities Use Promotion (JASRI) and the facility owner (RIKEN), the SPRUC aims to facilitate the sophistication and optimization of the facility use and the development of science and technology by building bridges between the SPring-8 and academia/industry. Interaction between members is expected to ensure the development and expansion of SR science and quantum beam science.


With a view to achieving the above goal, all users of SPring-8 shall automatically become members of the SPRUC upon completion of SPring-8 user registration. A Chair, a Board of Councilors, a Secretary, and several committees will conduct the business of the SPRUC. The Board of Councilors will have 30 councilors serving two-year terms (with half being elected every year). The councilors will be nominated by the representatives of 4 representing organizations (see below) from among the SPRUC members and elected by the SPRUC members through an electronic voting process. The Chair will be selected by the elected councilors and will appoint a Secretary. The Chair and the Secretary will serve two-year terms. The SPRUC will also have representing organizations, each of which has a representative, to obtain recommendations on the management policies of the SPRUC. The representing organizations will be nominated by the Board of Councilors every two years from among the universities, research institutes, and companies with which many SPring-8 users are affiliated and approved by the General Assembly. Users affiliated with the representing organizations shall select their representative through discussions from among expert colleagues who can put together the opinions of on-site researchers from users' perspective. The representatives of the representing organizations shall participate in the Conference of representing organizations, nominate candidates for councilors, provide recommendations on the activities of the SPRUC as experts.


  • The SPRUC shall be an interdisciplinary organization in which all SPring-8 users can participate to discuss the better use of SPring-8 and put their opinions together.
  • The SPRUC shall be an organization which will make a commitment to the operation and management of SPring-8 not only from users' point of view but also from a technological/social perspective.
  • The SPRUC should not be a place for each member's individual society activity; rather, the SPRUC shall act as an interface between academic/industrial research societies (associations) and SPring-8 by conducting surveys to determine user trends in cooperation with the Registered Institution for Facilities Use Promotion.

Message from the Chair

At the 3rd Council Meeting for fiscal 2015 held on January 10, 2016, based on a mutual vote of the councilors, I have been elected as the president of SPRUC in the third term. By inheriting the foundations developed in the first term by the first chairman, Yoshiyuki Amemiya, and the second term by the former chairman, Atsushi Takahara, I am committed to taking measures so that SPRUC can engage in developmental activities for the next generation and would greatly appreciate your support. I have asked the following people for each secretary.

    Vice Chairperson Osami Sakata NIMS
    Vice Chairperson Masatoshi Takao Osaka University
    General Affairs Secretary Hiroshi Sugimoto RIKEN
    PR Secretary Masatoshi Takao Osaka University
    PR Secretary Yasushi Uehara Mitsubishi Electric
    Facility Use Secretary Osami Sakata NIMS
    Facility Use Secretary Yusuke Wakabayashi Osaka University
    Accounting Secretary Kenichi Kato RIKEN
    Event Secretary Maiko Nishibori Kyushu University
    Event Secretary Akio Kimura Okayama University
    Editorial Secretary Yoshihito Tanaka University of Hyogo
    Project Supervisor Yoshiyuki Amemiya The University of Tokyo
    Planning Secretary Eiji Nishibori University of Tsukuba
    Auditor Secretary Atsushi Takahara Kyushu University

Prof.Takahiro Arima from University of Tokyo has assumed the position of committee chairman in order to provide overall coordination for the respective research groups.

The SPring-8 Users Community (hereinafter SPRUC) was founded in April 2012. This was intended to be organized by all users in academia and industry, and in collaboration with SPring-8, aiming to contribute towards the adoption of the state of the art facilities and measurement techniques, the improvement in the user-friendliness of systems, as well as the progression in scientific technology and new academic science, creation of new industries, and development of human resources and society. The number of SPRUC members has now reached about 12,000 and its size is comparable to the largest scientific society in Japan.

Although there are common elements among the members as they are “SPring-8 Users”, their fields of study and usage are diverged. Even though it is very difficult to have all members join at the same table to have a discussion on a common theme, thanks to the efforts the previous presidents and all the secretaries, cooperation among members has developed significantly though the various activities including the SPring-8 symposium, reorganization of SPRUC Research Groups and launching the Multidisciplinary Research Groups. Especially, the Multidisciplinary Research Groups are expected to develop new uses and applications of SPring-8.

Along with appropriately seeking advice from the meeting of the representative organization, the council will continue to discuss SPRUC’s management and operational activity policies from medium and long-term perspectives. In addition, we hope to manage the SPRUC by further revitalizing the activities of each study group in their respective fields within the user committee and stimulating discussions in science among the respective fields with a focus on research results.

Even though it is quite difficult to achieve a consensus among the SPRUC members whose fields of study and usage are diverged, supports by the all SPRUC members is indispensable for the activities of SPRUC. Please give any comments or suggestion to promote the activities of SPRUC. Since SPRUC Research Groups act as interface between the SPring-8 users and the facilities, please join the SPRUC Research Group(s) that is (are) related to your activities. You can join the SPRUC research group from the User Information MY PAGE site (https://user.spring8.or.jp/apps/login/).

Chair of SPRUC
Professor at Insititute for Protein Research,
Osaka University
Atsushi Nakagawa

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