Meeting (FY 2012)

Meeting Date
Research Group Name
2013/03/27 Spin and Electron Momentum Densities
2013/03/17 Nano-scale Atomic-correlation in Functional Materials
Nuclear Resonant Scattering
2013/02/08 Magneto-spectroscopy for functional magnetic materials
2013/01/14 Solid State Spectroscopy Group
2013/01/12 Chiral magnetism and multiferroics & Structural Materials Science
2013/01/11 X-ray Spectroscopy Research Group
2013/01/06 Earth and Panetary Science Group & High Pressure Material Science
2012/11/16-17 Microscopic/Nano material science group
2012/09/25 Research group on evaluation of residual stress and strength
2012/09/19 Spin and Electron Momentum Densities
2012/08/26 Chemical Crystallography
2012/08/26 Advanced Sciences for Disordered Materials Research Group
2012/08/25 Atomic Resolution Holography
2012/08/25 Soft Interface Science
2012/08/25 Study on electronic states of materials including atoms or molecules using High energy X-rays
2012/08/25 Cultural Heritage Research Group
2012/08/25 Research group on polymer surfaces and thin films
2012/08/24 Structural Science of Surface, Interfaces, Thin-Films, and Nano-Materials
2012/08/04 Polymer Science Research Group
X-ray Topography