SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)

Research Group:

Research Group of Nanospectroscopy and Materials Science


  Hirokazu Fukidome
  2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Miyagi 980-8577
  Telephone: +81-22-217-5484

Research Area:

Fundamental Characterization, Applied Materials, Measurements



Overview of Research Group, Goals and Purposes:

The techniques of nanospectroscopy and imaging have been significantly developed, boosted by special properties of the synchrotron radiation (high briliance, plarization, and ultrashort-pulse) as well as recent technical development in electron spectroscopy and microscopy. In SPring-8, complementary use of a spectroscopic low-energy / photoemission electron microscopy (SPELEEM) and a newly installed versatile PEEM (FOCUS PEEM) enables to fulfill a variety of users' experimental demands from high-resolution static imaging to special experiments such as time-resolved analysis. The nano-IR spectroscope have also been utilized intensively and good research outcomes have been produced steadly. The research project "3D Active-Site Science" ended on March 2019 left invaluable heritage of the element-selective holography technique which has a potential to produce further outputs.

The Reserch Group of Nanospectroscopy and Materials Science utilizes these techniques and implements various materials research such as nanospectroscopy of electronics / spintronics devices and its time-resolved analysis, research for industrial applications (green materials, batteries), electronic / magnetic analysis of Strongly correlated electron systems, materials informatics which attempt to extract novel properties or phases from the big data obtained from the spectroscopic imaging, and so on. The main purpose of the Research Group is to exchange knowledges within the members, in order to make further development in nanospectroscopy as well as to produce world-class achievements. Particularly in the fifth term, the most important subject is to summarize the plan of rearrangement, abolishment and introduction of the machines, in compliance with the beamline reorganization progressing in SPring-8. In the Joint Symposium annually held with other groups such as the SR party of The Surface Science Society of Japan, we have discussions concerning trend surveillance of research / technical development and future plans as well as to exchange opinitons and information which may serve to explore new research subjects and integrated studies. We also attempt to reinforce international cooperation and transmit our achievements in SPring-8 around the world.