SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Research Highlights (SPring-8)

13 Feb, 2018
Direct observation of topology hidden inside materials – Judging topological nature of materials by its inside materials is more important than what you see it by appearance –
BL25SU (Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Solid)
21 Dec, 2017
Viewing atomic structures of dopant atoms in 3D relating to electrical activity in a semiconductor (Press Release)
BL25SU (Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Solid)
11 Dec, 2017
X-ray phase contrast can reduce CT dose by more than two orders of magnitude
BL20B2 (Medical and Imaging I)
01 Dec, 2017
High-precision ellipsoidal mirror achieved two-dimensional X-ray focusing with world’s minimum focus size of 100 nm at SPring-8 (Press Release)
BL29XU (RIKEN Coherent X-ray Optics)
01 Nov, 2017
First Observation of Excitation Motion of Single Protein Molecules during Aggregation Process— Leading to New Treatment Strategies for Alzheimer’s Disease (Press Release)
BL40XU (High Flux)

Research Highlights (SACLA)

24 Sep, 2015
Photoelectron diffraction measurements of gaseous molecules aligned in one direction: towards ultrafast molecular imaging(Press Release)
03 Mar, 2015
Mimicing Early Stage of Photosynthesis Using Model Compound (Press Release)
18 Feb, 2015
Direct observation of bond formations (Press Release)
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