SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Current News


Research Highlights (SPring-8)

26 Feb, 2015
Elucidation of the Structural Basis for Acceptor-Substrate Recognition of a Glucosyltransferase Involved in the Biosynthesis of Blue Flower Pigments (Press Release)
BL38B1 (Structural Biology III)
23 Feb, 2015
Discovery of New Material That Shrinks on Heating (Press Release)
BL02B2 (Powder Diffraction),BL27SU (Soft X-ray Photochemistry)
10 Feb, 2015
Clarification of Recognition Mechanism of Pathogenic Invasion by Toll-like receptor 9 Inducing Innate Immune Responses (Press Release)
BL41XU (Structural Biology I)
04 Feb, 2015
Clarification of Electron Orbitals Contributing to Electrode Reaction of Lithium Ion Batteries (Press Release)
BL08W (High Energy Inelastic Scattering)
03 Feb, 2015
Clarification of Crystal Structure of Protein That “Removes” Causative Substance of Alzheimer’s Disease (Press Release)
BL44XU (Macromolecular Assemblies)

Research Highlights (SACLA)

18 Feb, 2015
Direct observation of bond formations (Press Release)
29 Jan, 2015
Development of High-Resolution and Highly Reliable Imaging Method for Biological Samples (Press Release)
27 Jan, 2015
Development of XFEL Technique for Generating Monocycle X-Ray Pulse - Control of “optical slippage” by light wave interference - (Press Release)
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