SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Remote participation in user experiments at SACLA under the COVID-19 influence

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Prevention measures against COVID-19 at SPring-8/SACLA

Calls for proposals related to COVID-19(SPring-8 / SACLA)

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Research Highlights (SPring-8)

06 May, 2022
Chronobiologists identify key circadian clock mechanism in cyanobacteria(Press Release)
BL44XU (Macromolecular Assemblies)
22 Apr, 2022
Densities of iron and nickel in Earth’s core were previously overestimated( Press Release)
BL10XU (High Pressure Research)
16 Apr, 2022
Unlocking complex workings of the biological clock (Press Release)
BL44XU (Macromolecular Assemblies)
28 Oct, 2021
On-water creation of conducting MOF nanosheets(Press Release)
BL19B2 (Engineering Science Research I),BL46XU (Engineering Science Research III)
29 Sep, 2021
Study Explores Remarkable Negative Thermal Expansion Seen in Layered Ruthenates (Press Release)
BL02B2 (Powder Diffraction),BL14B2 (Engineering Science Research II),BL19B2 (Engineering Science Research I),BL22XU (JAEA Actinide Science I)

Research Highlights (SACLA)

09 May, 2022
Response of a mineral to short time shock loading(Press Release)
23 Nov, 2021
SACLA used as a high-performance injector for SPring-8-II -A first step towards a green facility-(Press Release)
25 Jun, 2020
Every moment of ultrafast chemical bonding now captured on film(Press Release)
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