SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Remote participation in user experiments at SACLA under the COVID-19 influence (Updated on Feb 8: SACLA)

Calls for proposals related to COVID-19(SPring-8 / SACLA)

Prevention measures against COVID-19 at SPring-8/SACLA (Updated on Sep 28)

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Research Highlights (SPring-8)

22 Apr, 2021
Water, Everywhere: Scientists Find Liquid Water in an Ancient Meteorite(Press Release)
10 Mar, 2021
Moiré than meets the eye Researchers make carbon nanotube patterns called moirés for materials research
BL26B1 (RIKEN Structural Genomics I)
08 Mar, 2021
Sumitomo Rubber & Tohoku University Succeed in Increasing Speed of X-Ray CT Imaging of Rubber Failure Phenomena by Approximately 1,000x(Press Release)
BL28B2 (White Beam X-ray Diffraction)
05 Mar, 2021
Successful Tracking of Crystal Motion at Picometer Accuracy(Press Release)
BL39XU (Magnetic Materials)
15 Dec, 2020
High-speed detection of minute motion of channel proteins that sense heat and pain( Press Release)
BL40XU (High Flux)

Research Highlights (SACLA)

25 Jun, 2020
Every moment of ultrafast chemical bonding now captured on film(Press Release)
09 Aug, 2019
High-precision tracking of ultrafast molecular oscillations -Creating molecular movie with atomic-level spatiotemporal resolution-
24 Sep, 2015
Photoelectron diffraction measurements of gaseous molecules aligned in one direction: towards ultrafast molecular imaging(Press Release)
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