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Prevention measures against COVID-19 at SPring-8/SACLA (Updated on Sep 28)

New ways to carry out experiments at SACLA / Use of online meeting tools during experiments (SPring-8)

Calls for proposals related to COVID-19(SPring-8 / SACLA)

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Research Highlights (SPring-8)

16 Oct, 2020
Sprinkled with Power: How Impurities Enhance a Thermoelectric Material at the Atomic Level(Press Release )
BL37XU (Trace Element Analysis),BL47XU (HAXPES / uCT)
07 Apr, 2020
Call for COVID-19 rapid access proposals
BL32XU (RIKEN Targeted Proteins),BL44XU (Macromolecular Assemblies),BL45XU (Structural Biology III)
13 Feb, 2020
Extreme Fermi Surface Smearing in a Maximally Disordered Concentrated Solid Solution(Press Release)
BL08W (High Energy Inelastic Scattering)
20 Dec, 2019
Development of World’s First Measurement Technique for 3D Stress Distribution inside Crystalline Material Grains(Press Release)
10 Dec, 2019
Development of a Novel Nanosheet with Adjustable Electrical Conductivity (Press Release)
BL08W (High Energy Inelastic Scattering)

Research Highlights (SACLA)

25 Jun, 2020
Every moment of ultrafast chemical bonding now captured on film(Press Release)
09 Aug, 2019
High-precision tracking of ultrafast molecular oscillations -Creating molecular movie with atomic-level spatiotemporal resolution-
24 Sep, 2015
Photoelectron diffraction measurements of gaseous molecules aligned in one direction: towards ultrafast molecular imaging(Press Release)
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