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Public Comments Invited on the Reorganization of SPRUC Research Groups (2013/8/15-25)

Chair of SPRUC
Yoshiyuki Amemiya
ball Introduction

The SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC), which was established in April 2012, is an organization that all SPring-8 users can participate in. One of the aims of SPRUC is to collaborate with SPring-8 in contributing to the improvement of facilities, and development of measurement technology. At present, SPRUC has 30 "Research Groups". Research Groups are expected to be an information interface between all users in each field and SPring-8 facilities. Moreover, they should demonstrate active involvement in producing benefits to science at SPring-8. However, the present organization of the Research Group system is not fully effective to users from diverse fields of academia and industry. This is a serious problem, as most users lose the opportunity to provide ideas and feedback to the SPring-8 facilities (RIKEN/JASRI). Thus the organization of Research Group must be altered to facilitate the offering of a collective opinion from all users of SPring-8 facilities.
In June 2013, SPRUC established "Working Group on Reorganization of SPRUC Research Groups", which is comprised of knowledgeable persons from academia and industry, to solve the current problem in the organization of the Research Groups and improve their activities.
The Working Group has compiled an "Interim Report" to propose promising strategies for building the new system of SPRUC Research Groups. It is now open to public comments. Your honest opinion will be helpful in improving the activity of the SPRUC. Thank you for your cooperation.

ball Public comment topic

Interim Report by Working Group on Reorganization of SPRUC Research Groups (in Japanese)

ball How to Submit Your Opinion

1. You may submit your opinion by sending email to users@spring8.or.jp (SPRUC Secretariat). Please be advised that only submission by e-mail is acceptable.

2. Submission Deadline: Aug 25, 2013.  @Closed

3. Please type [Opinion on Reorganization of SPRUC Research Groups] in the subject line of your e-mail to help our process.

4. Required Information
- Name
- Affiliation
- Contact information (phone, email)
- Your opinion

5. Note
- We also welcome comments from non-members of the SPRUC.
- Please note that we cannot respond to each opinion individually.
- Your opinion may be used for the discussion in the SPRUC Board of Councilors and General Assembly. In that case, your personal information (e.g. name, affiliation, contact information, etc.) will not be disclosed.
- Your name, affiliation and contact information will be used for communication purposes only, in case we have a question about your opinion.