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Public Comments Invited on a White Paper on Future Photon Science and Light Source Projects

Chair of SPRUC
Yoshiyuki Amemiya
ball Introduction

The SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC) is an organization that all SPring-8 users can participate in. It aims to facilitate the sophistication and optimization of the facility use and the development of science and technology by bridging between the facility and users. At present, RIKEN and JASRI are working on an investigation on the SPring-8 major upgrade. The SPRUC is required to discuss future vision on photon science and the facility plan, taking the synergetic use of SPring-8 and SACLA into consideration. Furthermore, it has recently been emphasized that a 'grand design' of domestic light source projects needs to be well organized prior to defining a direction of the SPring-8 upgrade plan.

In order to promote the discussion on the grand design, the SPRUC has organized a working group in March 2013. The mission of the working group (WG) is to publish a white paper on the future vision of photon science and light source facilities by the end of March 2014. Any comment and suggestion are very welcome.

Following link is a brief report that was recently issued by the WG as a preparation of the white paper. Now public comments are open until Oct. 24, 2013. Since the report is available only in Japanese, please contact Motohiro Suzuki (m-suzuki@spring8.or.jp) or Takahiro Watanabe (twatanabe@spring8.or.jp) for any inconvenience.

ball Brief Report

White Paper on Future Photon Science and Light Source Projects (in Japanese)

ball How to Submit Your Opinion

Please submit your opinion by e-mail to: users@spring8.or.jp
Deadline: Oct 24, 2013 Closed

- Please type [Opinion on SPRUC WG brief report] in the Subject line.
- Required information: Name, Affiliation, Phone number, E-mail address
- We may not respond to each opinion individually.
- Your opinion will be presented in the WG meeting, although your personal
  information (name, affiliation etc.) will not be disclosed.

There is no format for the submission of your opinion. However, the following key words may help you:
1. A role of Japanese light source facilities in the world
2. A role of each light source facility in Japan
3. Expected brand new photon science, taking advantage of high coherence given
@by a future light source.
4. Industrial uses in the future
5. Photon spectral range: HX, SX, IR, each lab has its own spectral range
6. Time schedule of each project; e.g., which year is the best for the SPring-8 upgrade?
7. Administration, user support
8. Human resource development
9. A role of SPRUC in drawing up the grand design