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Clarified actual condition and cause of women's complaint about decreasing hair luster with age (Press Relaese)

Release Date
19 Mar, 2007
  • BL40XU (High Flux)
i) An increase of "Meandering" shape of hairs is a cause for the decreasing hair luster. ii) "Meandering" is attributed to an inhomogeneous distribution of 2 types of cortical cells. iii) PTS, which relaxes "Meandering" shape and gives hair luster, has been developed.

This article is presented in Japanese.

"Effect of Age on Hair Properties and Structure" (in Japanese)
Shinobu NAGASE, Akira MAMADA, Yoshio KAJIURA, Yusuke Ezawa, Takashi ITOU, Yuya SHINOHARA, Yoshiyuki AMEMIYA
The 87th Spring Meeting (Annual Meeting) of the Chemical Society of Japan, 25-28 March 2007, Osaka