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Nuclear transport of proteins by a nuclear transport receptor (transportin 1)(Press Release)

Release Date
12 Oct, 2007
  • BL41XU (Structural Biology I)

・ The first crystal structure analysis of a cargo-free nuclear transport receptor, transportin 1 (Trn1)
・ The first systematic structure analysis of a transport receptor (Trn1) upon NLS (nuclear localization signal) binding
・ Interaction experiments using Trn1 mutants and by Surface Plasmon Resonance as well as the X-ray crystallographic analyses of cargo-free Trn1 and its complex with NLSs have elucidated a nuclear transport mechanism of proteins by a transport receptor (Trn1)

This article is presented in Japanese.

"Structural basis of substrate recognition and dissociation by human transportin 1"
Tsuyoshi Imasaki, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Yuji Hidaka, Shingo Kose, Naoko Imamoto, Michiyuki Yamada, and Mamoru Sato
Molecular Cell 28, 57-67, October 12, 2007