SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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The 2nd AOFSRR Summer School - Cheiron School 2008 -

Period from Sep 29 to Oct 08 , 2008
Venue Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Host/Organizer AOFSRR
Format Lecture
Fields Beamlines・Instrumentation (including Accelerators and Light Sources), Materials Science, Life Science, Industrial Applications

Abstract: The objective of the AOFSRR is to establish a general framework of collaboration for the development of science and technology, which mutually benefits advancing the research goals of the Parties, and to promote comprehensive cooperation in the Asia - Oceania region. The AOFSRR has decided to hold the summer school to provide useful and basic knowledge as well as perspectives of synchrotron radiation science and technology for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, young scientists and engineers in the Asia - Oceania region.

Language: English

Number of Participants: 40 from Overseas / 40 from Japan

Participating Countries:
Australia/ New Zealand/ China/ India/ Republic of Korea/ Singapore/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ Japan

Curriculum: http://cheiron2008.spring8.or.jp/timeschedule.html

Principal : Yoshiyuki Amemiya (President of AOFSRR, University of Tokyo, Japan)
Vice Principal:  Keng Liang (Vice President of AOFSRR, NSRRC, Taiwan)
Secretary: Masaki Takata (RIKEN/JASRI/SPring-8, Japan)

Council Member
   Richard Garrett (ASRP/Australia)
   Osamu Shimomura (KEK/Japan)
   Herbert Moser (SSLS/Singapore)
   V. C. Sahni (RRCAT/India)
   Weerapong Pairsuwan (NSRC/Thailand)
   Hongjie Xu (SSRF/China)
   Brendan Kennedy (The University of Sydney/Australia)
   Shih-Lin Chang (NTHU/Taiwan)
   Moonhor Ree (PAL/Korea)
Local Organizing Member
   Masaki Takata (Chair, RIKEN/JASRI/SPring-8, Japan)
   Masayo Suzuki (JASRI/SPring-8)
   Koki Sorimachi (RIKEN/SPring-8)
   Hiroaki Kimura (JASRI/SPring-8)
   Haruo Ohkuma (JASRI/SPring-8)
   Ryotaro Tanaka (JASRI/SPring-8)
   Naoto Yagi (JASRI/SPring-8)
   Yoshiharu Sakurai (JASRI/SPring-8)
   Shunji Goto (JASRI/SPring-8)

International Advisory Board
   Hiroyoshi Suematsu (RIKEN/Japan)
   Akira Kira (JASRI/Japan)
   J. Murray Gibson (APS/USA)
   W. G. “Bill” Stirling (ESRF/France)
   Gerhard Materlik (Diamond/UK)
   Nobuhiro Kosugi (IMS/Japan)

URL http://cheiron2008.spring8.or.jp/
Contact Address Aya INOBE (Ms.) Cheiron School 2008 Secretariat
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