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192nd SPring-8 Seminar

Subtitle/Subject Radiation detector activities of the SLS Detectors Group at Paul Scherrer Institute.
Period Sep 18 , 2009
Venue Kamitsubo Hall
Host/Organizer JASRI/SPring-8
Format Lecture
Fields Beamlines・Instrumentation (including Accelerators and Light Sources)

Date: 16:00-17:00 September 18(Fri.), 2009

Place: Kamitsubo Hall

Speaker: Dr. Beat Henrich

Language: English

Affiliate: Paul Scherrer Institute(PSI), Switzerland

Title: Radiation detector activities of the SLS Detectors Group at Paul Scherrer Institute.

Our research activities in novel X-ray detector systems which operate in single-photon counting mode has culminated in the foundation of DECTRIS (since 2006).
Thus, this technology has become commercially available.
Although this split meant a significant loss of knowledge, we continued our developments and activities towards the successor for the PILATUS chip, the EIGER (Extreme hIGh framE Rate Detector) Chip.
We will show the key features and the current status of this development.
Furthermore, on developments of the MYTHEN strip sensors will be reported.
Knowing the constraints of single photon counting detectors, we have started to develop integrating detectors which will be inevitable for the upcoming XFEL experiments.
In collaboration with DESY and the Universities of Bonn and Hamburg we have started the AGIPD (Adaptive Gain integrating Pixel Detector) project.
We will show first results and the actual status of this project.

Hidenori Toyokawa
E-mail: toyokawa@spring8.or.jp

Contact Address Shinji Kakiguchi, ONOMURA Kazuyuki SPring-8 Seminar secretariat, JASRI/SPring-8
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