SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Priority Research Proposals 2008A: Medical Bio EX Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal Number Project Leader Proposal Title Affiliation Affiliation Category Research Category Final Shift Country Beamline P/N
1 2008A1864 Hiroshi Onodera Reconstruction of damaged-neuronal circuits using nano-materials and very strong magnetic fields Nishitaga National Hospital Laboratory Medical Applications 3 Japan BL20B2 Non-Proprietary
2 2008A1868 Kazuhide Nakamura Microtomography of angiogenesis in tumour Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Industry Life Science 5.75 Japan BL20B2 Non-Proprietary
3 2008A1874 Satoshi Mohri Evaluation of the changing protein concentration gradient and ion transporter abnormality in  diabetic cataract model mice lens by phase-contrast X-ray CT Okayama University University Life Science 6 Japan BL20B2 Non-Proprietary
4 2008A1872 Masakazu Shinohara Evaluation of Atherosclerosis Plaque Components Using Phase-contrast X-ray Computed Tomography; detection of component changes induced by medical treatments Kobe University University Medical Applications 12 Japan BL20XU Non-Proprietary
5 2008A1877 Haruo Mizutani Neuronal circuit reconstruction using X-ray micro tomography The University of Tokyo University Life Science 3 Japan BL20XU Non-Proprietary
6 2008A1863 Moshi Geso Micro-beam dose enhancement using gold-nanoparticles: validated using cell cultures and Gel dosimeters   Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Foreign Medical Applications 3 Australia BL28B2 Non-Proprietary
7 2008A1875 James Pearson Combined adrenomedullin and selective A2a adenosine agonist treatment in the recovery of coronary function in the infarcted heart Monash University Foreign Medical Applications 6 Australia BL28B2 Non-Proprietary
8 2008A1871 Akihiro Matsuura Menkes disease: molecular pathologic dissection by two-dimentinal X-ray fluorescence mapping of trace elements Fujita Health University University Medical Applications 5.875 Japan BL37XU Non-Proprietary
9 2008A1866 Toshihiko Oka Study on the dissociation process from multimer to dimer and the substarte recognition process of small heat shock protein Shizuoka University University Life Science 11.875 Japan BL40B2 Non-Proprietary
10 2008A1878 Ryuji Toh An x-ray diffraction study of endomyocardial biopsy from the patients of cardiac disease Kobe University University Medical Applications 5.875 Japan BL40B2 Non-Proprietary
11 2008A1865 James Pearson Revealing the molecular basis of the specific cardiomyopathy associated with the type 2 diabetes Monash University Foreign Life Science 6 Australia BL40XU Non-Proprietary
12 2008A1876 Ryuji Toh In vivo Evaluation of Cardiac Cross-Bridge Dynamics Using X-ray Diffraction Kobe University University Life Science 6 Japan BL40XU Non-Proprietary
13 2008A1867 Masaru Watanabe Role of myofilaments remodeling in abnormal contraction of smooth muscle Tokyo Medical University University Life Science 6 Japan BL45XU Non-Proprietary