SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Priority Research Proposals 2008A: Power User Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal Number Project Leader Proposal Title Affiliation Affiliation Category Research Category Final Shift Country Beamline P/N
1 2008A0095 Yoshiki Ozawa Synchrotron Radiation Structure Analyses of Photo-Excited Molecules and Photo-Induced Phenomena, and Accurate Structure Analyses of Micron-size Single Crystals University of Hyogo University Chemical Science 57 Japan BL02B1 Non-Proprietary
2 2008A0096 Eiji Nishibori The research on an ab-initio structure determination and accurate structural analysis by powder method Nagoya University University Materials Science and Engineering 57 Japan BL02B2 Non-Proprietary
3 2008A0097 Hiroshi Sakurai Development of measuring technique under extreme condition and universal technique for analysis on (magnetic) Compton scattering measurement Gunma University University Materials Science and Engineering 56.5 Japan BL08W Non-Proprietary
4 2008A0098 Makoto Seto Studies on advanced nuclear resonant scattering methods for materials science Kyoto University University Materials Science and Engineering 56.625 Japan BL09XU Non-Proprietary
5 2008A0099 Kei Hirose Crystal structure and elasticity of deep Earth materials Tokyo Institute of Technology University Earth and Planetary Science 56.875 Japan BL10XU Non-Proprietary
6 2008A0094 Yasushi Ogasaka Development of characterization technique for X-ray telescope systems and its application to astronomy in the next generation Nagoya University University Elementary Particles, Nuclear Science 24 Japan BL20B2 Non-Proprietary