SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Priority Research Proposals 2009B: Medical Bio Trial Use Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal Number Proposal Title Project Leader Affiliation Affiliation Category Research Category Shift Country Beamline Proprietary
1 2009B1909 Analysis of microstructure and mineralization of subchondral endplate with osteoarthritis Ko Chiba Nagasaki University University Medical Applications 6 Japan BL20B2 Np
2 2009B1911 Diversed morphology of pharyngeal teeth as a strategy for evolutional adaptation: X-ray live imaging of feeding behaviors in vertebrates  Kohei Hatta University of Hyogo University Life Science 6 Japan BL20B2 Np
3 2009B1910 Phase-contrast imaging of cardiac flow and shear in zebrafish(First Priority: Medical Bio Trial Use, Second: Medical Bio EX,
 Third: General Proposal)
Andreas Fouras Monash University Foreign Medical Applications 12 Australia BL20XU Np
4 2009B1908 XAFS analyses of intracrystal zinc position in enamel remineralization Yoshihiko Hayashi Nagasaki University University Medical Applications 6 Japan BL37XU Np