SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)

Research Group:

Industrial Users Community of Practice (IUCoP)

  Masugu Sato
  1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo, Hyogo 679-5198 Japan
  Telephone: +81-791-58-0924
  msato( at )spring8.or.jp

Research Area:

Applied Materials


BL03XU, BL08B2, BL14B2, BL15XU, BL16XU, BL16B2, BL19B2, BL24XU, BL28XU, BL33XU, BL46XU

Overview of Research Group, Goals and Purposes:

Member: Industrial Users Community of Practice, or IUCoP, is a group of SPring-8 users who are active practitioners at any of the industrial contract or public BL’s developed and managed by the entities listed below and others:
  • - SUNBEAM Consortium: BL16B2, BL16XU,
  • - TOYOTA Central R&D Labs., Inc.: BL33XU,
  • - Hyogo Prefecture: BL08B2, BL24XU, and
  • - JASRI: BL14B2, BL19B2, BL46XU.
The IUCoP also welcomes any SPring-8 users who conduct experiments under the research proposals approved in the ‘Industrial Category’.

Objective: The CoP wishes to optimise business outcomes from SPring-8 applications of the industrial practitioners by:

  • - Facilitating the members to share status of leading capability at each individual BL and technical benefit from the capability,
  • - Discussing improvement areas of specific measurement techniques,
  • - Communicating common obstacles to the optimum uses of the SR capabilities and capacities to SPRUC, and
  • - Sharing successful examples of internal/external communication to encourage sustainable use of SPring-8 by companies.
The CoP would also sense expectations to top-notch capabilities in SPring-8 II.

Activity: Examples of vehicle of the IUCoP could be the following events:

  • - Each individual user’s voice at the BL in use
  • - Annual Joint Conference on Industrial Applications of SPring-8, jointly organised by the entities listed above, and
  • - Seminar series of Communities of Interests in the Industrial Users Society of SPring-8 (IUSS).