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SPRUC 2020 Young Scientist Award
- Call for Nominations -

The SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC) is now seeking nominations for the SPRUC 2020 Young Scientist Award as detailed below.

SPRUC 2020 Young Scientist Award" -Guidelines for Applicants-
Definition: The Young Scientist Award from SPRUC (SPring-8 Users Community) was established to recognize pioneering achievements in scientific and/or technological activities performed by individual young scientists using SPring-8/SACLA. The evaluation process involves a careful consideration of each award candidate's future potential based on his/her work. It is aimed to encourage young scientists to perform further exciting research in the relevant field and contribute to a successful career for the award recipients. This international prize will be awarded for outstanding results registered as published attainments with SPring-8/SACLA research. In relation to the competition, 'SPring-8/SACLA research' is defined as science and technology investigating scientific phenomena by using the SPring-8/SACLAfacility (including technical developments of instrumentation, etc.). Not only academic research, but also achievements conductive to commercialization of products, and a business enterprise in industrial applications are involved in the award nomination.

Numbers of Winners: Up to two winners/year.

Rules of Eligibility:

  1. Applicants must have been under the age of 35 in April 2020.
  2. The head or collaborator of a proposal approved in the last three years is eligible to compete for the prize.
  3. The research described in the entrants' thesis/reports must utilize SPring-8/SACLA-based research.
  4. The prize will recognize only work that was performed while the applicant was a user of the SPring-8/SACLA facilities, but is limited to SPRUC members.
Entry Period: From Wednesday, April 1 to Wednesday June 3 2020. (2weeks extended)

Nomination Method: Nominations must be made on a Candidate Nomination Form (Fromat Download). Please send completed form to the SPRUC Secretariat via email (see below). You can put yourself forward.

Send to: SPRUC Secretariat iusers@spring8.or.jpj

Selection Method: A review committee will be set up under the SPRUC to carry out a rigorous review process.


The decision of a prizewinner will be announced by the middle of July.
The award ceremony and winning lecture will be held at the SPring-8 Symposium 2020(held on September 18th and 19th, 2020 at EPOCHAL TSUKUBA).
There may be a possibility that the symposium could be cancelled to take place on-site due to the speed of COVID-19, which would delay and change the date and way of award ceremony and winning lectures.
The travel expense of the winner will be supported by SPRUC up to 200,000 yen/person.

Event Secretary:Eiji NISHIBORI


The past Winners:
FY2019 / FY2018 /FY2017 /FY2016 /FY2015 / FY2014 / FY2013 FY2012

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