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SPRUC 2013 Young Scientist Award

In this fiscal year 2013, "Young Scientist Award of SPRUC" which was being invited had nine candidates by the closing date.
SPRUC 2013 Young Scientist Award Review Committee had rigorous process for selecting two winners.

The SPRUC 2013 Young Science Award (YSA) is given to a young scientist who is recognized as having established a notable achievement in the development of a new experimental technique or a new method for data analysis, or having achieved  remarkable results in the studied field by making use of the characteristic features of SPring-8.


   Alexander Gray (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
He has published impressive 11 papers based on the data taken at SPring-8, of which he was the first author on 6 papers and contributed significantly on 5 papers. He experimentally demonstrated hard x-ray ARPES for the first time and applied it to resolve a long-standing controversy concerning the electronic structure of the dilute magnetic structure materials, and also explored various other new directions for hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy.

   Keita Ito (University of Tsukuba)
He has published several remarkable papers as the first author regarding magnetism of thin layers and thin films by employing the XMCD technique at SPring-8 beamlines within a couple of years. These studies have been advanced upon his leadership, and it is recognized without any doubt that his ability as a scientist is excellent.

Yoshiyuki Amemiya
Chair, SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)
Junichiro Mizuki
Chair, SPRUC 2013 Young Scientist Award Review Committee