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SPRUC 2015 Young Scientist Award

In this fiscal year 2015, "SPRUC 2015 Young Scientist Award" which was being invited had fourteen candidates by the closing date.
SPRUC 2015 Young Scientist Award Review Committee had rigorous process for selecting two winners.

The SPRUC 2015 Young Science Award (YSA) is given to a young scientist who is recognized as having established a notable achievement in the development of a new experimental technique or a new method for data analysis, or having achieved  remarkable results in the studied field by making use of the characteristic features of SPring-8.


  Kaye Morgan  (Monash University, Australia)
Dr. Morgan developed a new phase-contrast imaging technique that makes best of high coherence of X-rays at the medium-length beamline in SPring-8. She applied this technique to visualize a mucus layer in mouse trachea in vivo, and succeeded in non-invasive measurement of the layer depth that is only a few microns. This result was reported in a high-profile international medical journal and described as the top break-through in CF research. She has also proposed several very original X-ray imaging techniques which show her outstanding capability as a promising young scientist.

  Satoshi Matsuyama  (Osaka University)
Dr.Satoshi Matsuyama's achievement for the SPRUC Young Scientist Award 2015 is the world's first development of an achromatic and high-resolution hard X-ray microscopy at SPring-8. His original idea employing advanced Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror optics with four total-reflection mirrors made a breakthrough in Synchrotron Radiation X-ray imaging. His development provided a solution for intrinsic aberration problems in conventional optics for Synchrotron Radiation Imaging. By the present achievement, Dr. Matsuyama has taken a significant step towards the development of new range of advanced full-field Synchrotron Radiation microscopy. Thus, the SPRUC Young Scientist Award 2015 was unanimously recommended and approved to go to Dr. Satoshi Matsuyama.

Atsushi Takahara
Chair, SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)
Junichiro Mizuki
Chair, SPRUC 2015 Young Scientist Award Review Committee