SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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BL11XU Surface X-ray diffractometer

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A surface X-ray diffractometer connected with an MBE chamber is placed in the experimental hutch 3. This instrument is designed for in situ studies on III–V group semiconductor surfaces, especially surface crystallography under MBE conditions and growth dynamics of multilayer and nanostructures. III–V group semiconductors are nitrides such as GaN and InN and arsenides such as GaAs and InAs. The diffractometer is the 4+2 type, which has four axes for orienting the sample and two axes for positioning the detector. On the φ table, an xyz stage is mounted to locate the sample surface at the rotation center. The Be windows welded onto the chamber allow the incoming and outgoing angles up to 45 degrees measured from the sample surface and the in-plane scattering angle up to 120 degrees.

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