SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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BL11XU Hutch 1 (Synchrotron radiation Mössbauer spectroscopy station )

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Nuclear resonant scattering is a cutting-edge method for the study of electronic states, spin structures and vibrational modes in materials science. In the experimental hutch 1, by using the high-resolution monochromators and nuclear Bragg monochromator, we can perform the inelastic nuclear resonant scattering and energy-domain synchrotron Mössbauer experiments for various Mössbauer nuclei such as 57Fe, 119Sn, 40K and so forth. Furthermore, Mössbauer micro-spectroscopy has been realized by using X-ray focusing optics (see photograph). These devices enable the measurements of electronic and phonon states of iron oxides, high-Tc superconductors, low dimensional conducting materials, and even nano-structured materials.

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