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BL22XU Diamond anvil-cell diffractometer

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Diamond anvil-cell diffractometer

 In order to perform high pressure experiments, a diffractometer for diamond anvil cell (DAC) is installed. This system is designed for both single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction measurements. The system mainly consists of three parts, sample positioning stages, detectors, and a microscope. On the basic setup of sample stages including an ω-axis, translations and an arc-stage, various components can be mounted; a χ-φ circle goniometer, a 4-K He closed cycle cryostat, a simple DAC holder. Two types of two-dimensional detectors, an imaging plate (IP) and a large-size digital X-ray detector, are equipped. The IP with pixel size of 100 × 100 mm2 is the detection area size of 400 × 400 mm2, and the sample-detector distance can be changed from 250 mm to 730 mm, allowing large angle data to be obtained as well as high resolution data. The large-size digital X-ray detector can be mounted on the front of the IP. The pixel size is 200 × 200µm2 and area size is 409.6 × 409.6 mm2. The sample-detector distance can be changed from 300 mm to 655 mm. The sample mounted on the diffractometer can be monitored by the microscope. With use of the microscope, the sample pressure can be also measured by the ruby luminescence method. Thanks to the intense, high-energy monochromatic 70 keV X-rays and large size two-dimensional detector, X-ray total scattering measurements up to Q = 27 Å-1 are possible, so that an atomic pair distribution function analysis is also possible with distance correlation up to about 100 Å. An attachment is available for in-situ observation of hydrogenation processes at room temperature and hydrogen gas pressures of less than 1 MPa.

Diamond anvil-cell diffractometer

Fig.1 Diamond anvil-cell diffractometer

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