SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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First Beam at 1 km Building

June 2, 2000

SPring-8 succeeded in threading x-ray photon beam through 1 km vacuum duct on June 2, 2000, at RIKEN Physics Beamline (BL29XU). Monochromatized x-rays were guided to 1 km experimental station at 23:13, after 20 min from the start of optics alignment.

Dsc00020-s.jpgX-ray beam image on a fluorescent screen placed in the 1 km experimental hutch

1kmBL.jpgsp8-1km-s.jpg 1 km Beamline at SPring-8 (BL29XU)

PIC00001ss.jpg First opening the shutter.

Pic00002ss.jpg Looking into monitor, but....

Pic00003ss.jpg Check beam potion at the aperture downstream of the experimental hutch 1.

Pic00004ss.jpg Try again, ....

Pic00005ss.jpg Beam image appeared on the monitor screen.

Pic00007ss.jpg Commissioning members

Tetsuya Ishikawa, Optics Group Leader, SPring-8