SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Suspension of telephone lines at SPring-8 site

March 9, 2012
General Affairs Section
Harima Research Promotion Division

Notice: Interruption of fixed-line phone and fax service due to work on phone switchboard at SPring-8 site

We will be doing work to upgrade the phone switchboard at the SPring-8 site on the dates listed below. You will not be able to use fixed-line phones and faxes while the work is being done. Since the Internet environment will be working as usual, you will still be able to communicate using e-mail.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

Duration: Saturday, March 17, 0:00 to Tuesday, March 20, 24:00, 2012 (JST)

You may be able to use the following mobile phone numbers to contact the divisions of the SPring-8 site.

RIKEN Harima Institute    
Research Promotion Division,   General Affairs Section: +81-80-5761-4982
  Guard Gate: +81-80-5761-4980
  Safety Center: +81-80-5761-5002
Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)   
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Section: +81-80-5761-4952
  Accounts Section: +81-80-5761-4955
  Contract Section: +81-80-5761-4985
  Personnel Section: +81-80-5761-4984
Public Relations Office:   +81-80-5761-4956 (for the Site Tours)
Users Office:   +81-80-5761-4990 (for the Applications)
    +81-80-5761-4991 (for the Contract Beamlines)
    +81-80-5761-4992 (for the Users)
  Library Information Section:   +81-80-5761-4993
  +81-80-5761-4994 (Library)
Safety Office:   +81-80-5761-4957
    〃   +81-80-5761-4958

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