SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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133rd SPring-8 Seminar

Subtitle/Subject European Research Vision 2010
Period to Feb 24 , 2005
Venue Kamitsubo Hall
Host/Organizer JASRI/SPring-8
Format Lecture

Date & Time: February 24, 2005 16:00-17:00

Speaker: Professor Dr. Marcel Van de Voorde
Affiliation: Faculty of Natural technical Sciences, University of Technology DELFT, DELFT, the Netherlands

The lecture will focus on the following items:
- the development of the new 5 years European research programme,
- the creation of a European Research Council for fundamental research
- the promotion of European platforms for Industry
- the new vision of the research at universities and the institution of new university education and research models.
- the place of natural sciences and materials sciences in this new scope.
- the set up of a European materials forum; development of new professional and scientific societies in Europe.

Contact Address Keisuke Kobayashi (PHS 3386) JASRI/SPring-8

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