SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Scientific Meetings 2005

Format Title Subtitle/Subject Period Venue
Lecture Harima International Forum Smart Polymer and Smart Surface in Medicine and Industry from Jan 31 to Feb 01 , 2005 Center for Advanced Science and Technology HYOGO
Lecture SPring8 132nd SPring-8 Seminar What we can learn about thin film magnetism from off-specular scattering to Feb 08 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 133rd SPring-8 Seminar European Research Vision 2010 to Feb 24 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 135th SPring-8 Seminar Surface Dynamics During MBE Growth of GaAs on Patterned Substrates to Feb 25 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
SPring8 The 1st SPring-8 Users Meeting from Mar 15 to 16 , 2005 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Conference SR NANO 05 2nd US-Japan Workshop on Synchrotron Radiation and Nanoscience from Apr 04 to 06 , 2005 Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn & Suites, San Diego, CA, USA
Lecture SPring8 136th SPring-8 Seminar Dynamics in magnetic micro- and nanostructures to Apr 12 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 138th SPring-8 Seminar Structures and properties of novel supramolecular hybrid organic-inorganic coordination compounds/On the Design and Electronic Structure of Advanced Metal Oxide Semiconductors from Aqueous Solutions to Apr 26 , 2005 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 142nd SPring-8 Seminar The synchrotron beamline as a pedagogical tool in engineering schools and universities to Jun 03 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 141st SPring-8 Seminar X-ray tomography and diffraction at the ESRF applied to materials science to Jul 01 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 144th SPring-8 Seminar X-ray Micro-/Nano-Diffraction: Domains, Defects, and Dislocation Boundaries to Jul 25 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 143rd SPring-8 Seminar Time-resolved experiments at the Swiss Light Source: From fast to faster to Jul 25 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
Conference XRM2005 The 8th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy from Jul 26 to 30 , 2005 Egret Himeji, Himeji, Japan
Lecture SPring8 145th SPring-8 Seminar Resonant X-ray scattering studies of orbital ordering in 3d and 5f systems to Oct 04 , 2005 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 146th SPring-8 Seminar XAFS and materials science -ferroelectrics, semiconductors, and magnetic materials- to Oct 17 , 2005 HOUKOUKAN
Conference SPring8 The 9th SPring-8 Symposium from Nov 17 to 18 , 2005 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Conference NNR05 Workshop Neutrino Nuclear Responses in Double Beta Decays and Low-energy Astro-neutrinos from Dec 02 to 04 , 2005 Center Advanced Science & Technology HYOGO
Lecture SPring8 148th SPring-8 Seminar High resolution photodiffraction studies on molecular magnetic compounds exhibiting LIESST effect: lattice transformations and electron density distribution of the metastable states/Time-Resolved Diffraction of Molecular Excited States to Dec 08 , 2005 Kamitsubo Hall
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