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The 1st SPring-8 Users Meeting

Period from Mar 15 to 16 , 2005
Venue Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Host/Organizer SPring-8 Users Society
Co-host/Cooperator JASRI

Date & Time:   Tue., March 15, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm & Wed., March 16, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Objectives: The First SPring-8 Users' Meeting aims at reviewing the significance and roles of SPring-8 Users Society and discussing the shape of its future, now that the emphasis of SPring-8 activities has shifted from building more beamlines to producing more research results. With the primary purposes of the Society being to bring together SPring-8 users' dreams and visions for science, to discover new challenges in research and to provide support for overcoming the challenges, the program has been prepared centering around the "Dreams and Visions for Science" gathered from users around the country. Regarding the shape of the Society's future, a panel discussion is scheduled to be held. Although the success of SPring-8 research depends heavily on efforts of individual researchers, it is equally important to establish a system to efficiently support individual research and it is best if the Society takes the initiative. For the continued growth of SPring-8 research and the SPring-8 Users Society, we hope that as many of our users as possible will attend this meeting.

Registration: If you wish to stay at the SPring-8 Guest House, attend the banquet or request reimbursement for travel expenses (available to the Society members only), please send the following information to the SPring-8 Users Society Secretariat at users@spring8.or.jp by March 8, 2005. Registration to the meeting is free of charge and can be done on the day of the meeting.


 Information Necessary for Registration (SPring-8 Users Society members)

Period of Stay at the Guest House:
Reimbursement for travel expenses: __ necessary __ not necessary
Banquet participation (3,000 yen): __ yes __ no

 Information Necessary for Registration (general users) 
Period of Stay at the Guest House:
Banquet participation (3,000 yen): __ yes __ no 
Organizer: SPring-8 Users Society
Supporting Organizations:   JASRI and Industrial Users Society of SPring-8
Executive Committee Chair, 1st SPring-8 Users' Meeting:

 Koshiro TORIUMI (Prof.)
SPring-8 Users Society President:

 Makoto SAKATA (Prof.)

URL http://www.spring8.or.jp/j/user_info/riyou/users_meeting-1.html
Contact Address Shizu HIRANO SPring-8 Users Society Office/JASRI
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