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The 266th SPring-8 Seminar

Subject/Contents Refractive X-ray optics developed at KIT/IMT, Germany
Period from 13:30 to 14:30 Wed., May 31 , 2017
Venue Kamitsubo Hall
Host/Organizer JASRI
Format Lecture

Speaker : Dr. Arndt Last

Language : English

Affiliation : Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/Institute of Microstructure Technology

Title : Refractive X-ray optics developed at KIT/IMT, Germany

Abstract :
The talk will give an overview over various types of X-ray optics developed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Microstructure Technology (KIT/IMT), produced via deep X-ray lithography and electroplating if needed. These are mainly X-ray absorption gratings and refractive X-ray optics. X-ray gratings require a small grating period, high aspect ratio and a large area. At IMT it is possible to reach aspect ratios >50 and areas up to 200 mm x 200 mm.
We also fabricate refractive illumination and imaging X-ray optics for microscopy, beam shaping and sample illumination. Compound refractive X-ray lenses (CRLs) are well established optics for hard X-rays for photon energies above about 8 keV to about 100 keV. They consist of a large number of focusing lens elements, aligned along the optical axis. For sample illumination X-ray prism lenses have been developed with apertures up to 1.5 mm. Beam shaping optics provide vertically enlarged beam diameters at high brilliance sources like SPring-8. The most recent development are remote controllable X-ray zoom lenses with focal lengths tuneable in the sub 1 % range in below 20 ms and a construction space of below one litre.

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
e-mail: tajiriatspring8.or.jp / PHS: 3443

Contact Address SPring-8 Seminar secretariat Shinobu Miyoshi / Minako Kougibata  General Administration Division/ SPring-8/ Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
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