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As Symposium at the 63rd High Pressure Conference of Japan & The 85th Workshop on Advanced Techniques and Applications at SPring-8

Subject/Contents “Frontiers of high-pressure science using high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy”
Period from 09:30 to 12:00 Tue., Dec 13 , 2022
Venue Ibaraki Future Plaza, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka Ibaraki Campus.

2-150 Iwakura-cho, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-8570 JAPAN
Online / Zoom

Host/Organizer JSHPST
Co-host/Cooperator SPRUC Momentum-resolved spectroscopy
SPRUC Spectroscopy Research Group for
X-ray Emission and Inelastic X-ray
SPRUC Nuclear Resonant Scattering,
SPRUC High Pressure Material Science,
SPRUC Earth and Planetary Science Group
Format Conference Newcomers

High-resolution X-ray spectroscopies, including inelastic X-ray scattering, nuclear resonant scattering, and Raman-scattering etc., are of interest for many high-pressure research fields including geoscience, solid state physics, and material science. These techniques have been extensively optimized for high-pressure work at synchrotron facilities and can provide unique and pertinent information about, e.g., elasticity, and chemical states in extreme conditions. Here we discuss recent results and progress in high-pressure science made possible by high-resolution X-ray spectroscopies.

Deadline for Application

Target:Industrial and academic researchers and engineers who are considering the use of SPring-8 for synchrotron radiation X-ray spectroscopy research

Capacity:About 100 persons

Application deadline: December 12, 2022 (Monday) 12:00

Fee:Free for online participation
On-site attendance requires paid registration for The 63rd High-Pressure Conference of Japan

Registration for online participation only is here .

※If you can't register via Google, please click here to register as an auditorium attendee.

Time Content Speaker / Affiliation
9:30~ 9:35 Introduction Alfred BARON / RIKEN
9:35~10:00 "Sound velocity measurement of iron alloys and rhenium at ultra-high pressure by inelastic x-ray scattering and its applications to the Earth’s interior" Eiji OHTANI / Tohoku University
10:00~10:25 "Measurement of single crystal elasticity under high pressure using inelastic X-ray scattering (IXS): mantle anisotropy and a primary pressure scale" Akira YONEDA / Osaka University
10:25~10:40 Break
10:40~11:05 "State-of-the-Art Synchrotron Mossbauer spectroscopy for high pressure science" Takaya MITSUI / Quantum Science and Technology Agency
11:05~11:30 "Pressure-induced Yb-valence change in YbInCu4 -Based Compounds" Ayako OHMURA / Niigata University
11:30~12:00 General Discussion  


Contact Address Workshop on Advanced Techniques and Applications at SPring-8 Secretariat Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)

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