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SPring-8 Policy on Public Use Revised Fees For Using SPring-8

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)

     The change of the SPring-8 policy on public use has been under consideration, and we have decided to launch a new charge scheme in 2006B research term, with a view to getting the FY2006 budget approval. The details of the new charge scheme will be announced on the SPring-8 website before May 2006, when we invite 2006B research proposals.

Outline of New Charge Scheme

1. User Fees

     Due to the increase in consumption tax as of April 2014 (5% → 8%), the unit price will be changed from 10,300 yen/shift to 10,560 yen/shift.

     All public beamline users (incl. users of contract beamlines for public use) will be required to pay a fixed fee charged for wear and tear on the facility and a variable fee charged for coolants; gases; and stock room reagents, parts and stationeries.

     Fixed Fee: 10,560 yen/shift
     Variable Fee: Assessed based on the expenses of consumables actually used

2. Non-Proprietary Grant-Aid Proposal
     A new program intended for research proposals that have been reviewed and approved for a large research grant will be introduced. Under the program, the proposals will be allowed an exemption from scientific review process on condition that the program fee is paid and research results are made available to the public; the safety and technical feasibility of the experiment, and the necessity to use the SPring-8 will be considered. Please note that users will be required to pay both the fixed and variable fees in addition to the program fee.

     Program Fee: 131,000 yen/shift

3. New Beamtime Fees for Proprietary Research
     Beamtime fees for proprietary research, which have not been changed since the introduction of the system in 2000, are changed as follows:

Public Beamline Beamtime: 
     480,000 yen/shift* (up from the current 472,000 yen)

Public Beamline Beamtime for Time-Designated Proposal:
     720,000 yen/shift including a 50% premium* (up from the current 708,000 yen)

Contract Beamline Beamtime (For public use, Public Beamline Beamtime fee will be applied): 
     312,000 yen/shift** (up from the current 264,000 yen)

* Both the fixed and variable fees will be added to the beamtime fee.
** Only the variable fee will be added to the beamtime fee.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact:

User Administration Division/SPring-8 Users Office
Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
Phone: +81-(0)791-58-0961
Fax: +81-(0)791-58-0965
e-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

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