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List 1997 (1)

S/N #1-50 #51-94

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SN Proposal Number Proposal Title Project Leader Country Beamline Affiliation
1 1997B0003-ND -np Resolution tests of crystal analyzer and long horizontal parallel slits in powder diffraction experiments Hideo Toraya Japan BL02B1 Nagoya Institute of Technology
2 1997B0005-ND -np The study of perturbed nuclear resonant scattering Takaya Mitsui Japan BL09XU JAERI
3 1997B0006-ND -np Xray inelastic scattering of hemoglobin Taikan Harami Japan BL09XU JAERI
4 1997B0007-NX -np Analysis of Structure of Zeolite-Supported Pd Catalyst by XAFS Miki Niwa Japan BL01B1 Tottori University
5 1997B0008-NX -np Analysis of Microstructure of Loaded Mo and W Oxide Catalysts by XAFS Miki Niwa Japan BL01B1 Tottori University
6 1997B0009-ND -np Precursor Phenomena on the First-Order Phase Transition in Ferroelastic Compounds Yoshihiro Kuroiwa Japan BL02B1 Chiba University
7 1997B0010-ND -np Crystal Structural Analyses in the Electron Level of the Fullerene Compounds by the Maximum Entropy Method. Makoto Sakata Japan BL02B1 Nagoya University
8 1997B0013-ND -np Structure analysis of penta-atomic molecular solids at high pressure Nozomu Hamaya Japan BL10XU Ochanomizu University
9 1997B0014-ND -np Structural Fluctuation in Ternary Alloys Ken-ichi Ohshima Japan BL02B1 University of Tsukuba
10 1997B0015-NL -np Tests of the small-angle beamline for X-ray diffraction experiments on skeletal muscles. Naoto Yagi Japan BL45XU JASRI
11 1997B0017-ND -np Structural Phase Transition of Molecular Solid under High Pressure Haruki Kawamura Japan BL10XU Himeji Institute of Technology
12 1997B0018-ND -np Fluorescent X-ray Holography of Single Clystals Kouichi Hayashi Japan BL39XU Kyoto University
13 1997B0020-ND -np Structural and Equation of State Study of Mantle Rocks Through In Situ X-ray Diffraction Takehiko Yagi Japan BL04B1 The University of Tokyo
14 1997B0021-NM -np Development of high energy resolution detectors for trace chemical characterization Kenji Sakurai Japan BL39XU National Research Institute for Metals
15 1997B0022-NS -np Chemical characterization of ultra trace metals in small liquid drop Kenji Sakurai Japan BL39XU National Research Institute for Metals
16 1997B0023-NM -np Analyses of interfaces of thin films by X-ray fluorescence and scattering using total reflection Kenji Sakurai Japan BL39XU National Research Institute for Metals
17 1997B0024-NL -np Structure analysis of bacterial flagellar filament by X-ray fiber diffraction Keiichi Namba Japan BL41XU Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
18 1997B0026-ND -np Lattice modulation and charge ordering associated with the spin ordering in CeP Yukio Noda Japan BL02B1 Chiba University
19 1997B0027-ND -np Phase transition of hexagonal BaTiO3 Yukio Noda Japan BL02B1 Chiba University
20 1997B0028-ND -np Precise Crystal Structure Analysis of K3H(SO4)2 by High Energy X-ray Diffraction Method Hirofumi Kasatani Japan BL02B1 Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
21 1997B0032-NM -np Development of monochromatic beam method of X-ray magnetic diffraction with a phase plate Masahisa Ito Japan BL39XU Himeji Institute of Technology
22 1997B0033-ND -np Study of phase transitions on the surface of Si wafers Isao Takahashi Japan BL02B1 Kwansei Gakuin University
23 1997B0038-NX -np Solvation Structures of Iodide Ion in Various Solvents Iwao Wtanabe Japan BL01B1 Osaka University
24 1997B0039-NX -np Total Reflection XAFS of Aqueous Solution Surface Iwao Wtanabe Japan BL01B1 Osaka University
25 1997B0040-ND -np Search for high-pressure, high temperature phase(s)of sulfer Akifumi Onodera Japan BL10XU Osaka University
26 1997B0041-NL -np Structure of Diol Dehydrase containing Vitamin B12 analogue Yukio Morimoto Japan BL41XU Himeji Institute of Technology
27 1997B0048-NL -np X-ray Solution Scattering of Biological Supramolecules on an Undulator Radiation Source Yoji Inoko Japan BL45XU Osaka University
28 1997B0049-NOM -np In situ X-ray Diffraction study of the phase transformations,melting behaviours, and rheological properties of the earth's materials at high pressure and high temperature. Tetsuo Irifune Japan BL04B1 Ehime University
29 1997B0050-NL -np X-ray Crystallographic Strudy of Pink Color Chromoprotein from Pleurotus Salmoneostramineus L.Vass Yasushi Kai Japan BL41XU Osaka University
30 1997B0051-ND -np X-ray diffraction analysis of Fe-FeS melts under pressure Satoru Urakawa Japan BL04B1 Okayama University
31 1997B0054-NL -np X-ray crystallographic analyses of tobacco necrosis virus, peroxidase and amylase inhibitor Keiichi Fukuyama Japan BL41XU Osaka University
32 1997B0055-ND -np Phase transitions of AX2 compounds under high pressure and temperature Osamu Ohtaka Japan BL04B1 Osaka University
33 1997B0056-NL -np The structure of thermophilic enzymes and their thermostabilities Nobuo Tanaka Japan BL41XU Tokyo Institute of Technology
34 1997B0062-ND -np System device for single crystal structure analysis under high pressure and low temperature Takamitsu Yamanaka Japan BL02B1 Osaka University
35 1997B0064-NX -np XAFS Study on Liquid Te and I under High Temperature and High Pressure Yoshinori Katayama Japan BL01B1 JAERI
36 1997B0065-NOM -np Density of Luquid Te and Bi under High Temperature and High Presure Yoshinori Katayama Japan BL10XU JAERI
37 1997B0067-NX -np XAFS of metal endohedral C60 Yoshihiro Kubozono Japan BL01B1 Okayama University
38 1997B0068-NL -np X-ray crystallography of complex of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase and tRNA Osamu Nureki Japan BL41XU The University of Tokyo
39 1997B0069-ND -np Surface X-ray Structure Analysis of Solid Solution Interfaces Masatoki Ito Japan BL09XU Keio University
40 1997B0071-NX -np XAFS Analysis of Dilute Zr, Nb and Mo Species in Metal Oxide Matrices Tsunehiro Tanaka Japan BL01B1 Kyoto University
41 1997B0073-ND -np Accurate Electron density Measurement in Transition-Metal Complexes by Using Synchrotron Radiation and Vacuum Camera Kiyoaki Tanaka Japan BL02B1 Nagoya Institute of Technology
42 1997B0076-ND -np Development of Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering Technique Makoto Seto Japan BL09XU Kyoto University
43 1997B0081-ND -np Structure Analyses of Surfaces and Interfaces by X-ray Diffraction Toshio Takahashi Japan BL09XU The University of Tokyo
44 1997B0083-ND -np Crystal Structure Analyses of Solid Oxygen High-Pressure phases and Research for Molecular Dissociation Yuichi Akahama Japan BL10XU Himeji Institute of Technology
45 1997B0084-ND -np Single Crystal Analyses of ε High-Pressure phase of Solid Oxygen Yuichi Akahama Japan BL02B1 Himeji Institute of Technology
46 1997B0087-NX -np General evaluation of XAFS beam line II-low and middle energy region- Shuichi Emura Japan BL01B1 Osaka University
47 1997B0088-NL -np Crystal Structure Analysis of PGDS Masashi Miyano Japan BL41XU Japan Tobacco Inc.
48 1997B0089-NS -np Nuclear-Resonance Scattering of Ferromagnetic Amorphous Alloy Saburo Nasu Japan BL09XU Osaka University
49 1997B0094-NX -np General evaluation of XAFS beamline I -XAFS in the high energy region Yasuo Nishihata Japan BL01B1 JAERI
50 1997B0097-NL -np The structure-function analysis of amylases fromBacillus origin. Takashi Yamane Japan BL41XU Nagoya University