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List of SPring-8 Research Proposals in the second half of 1999 (1/5)

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CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Sifts
1 1999B0002-NS -np AdvancedSpectrometer for Ultra trace Chemical Analysis by x-ray fluorescence (ASUCA project) Kenji Sakurai National Research Institute for Metals JAPAN BL39XU 9
2 1999B0004-NL -np Crystallographic studies of DNA recognition by proteins: Pap1 and histone-like protein HU Toshio Hakoshima Nara Institute of Science & Technology JAPAN BL41XU 3
3 1999B0005-NL -np Crystal Structure Analysis of TPO-Fab complex Ryota Kuroki Kirin Brewery Company, Limited JAPAN BL41XU 2
4 1999B0006-NL -np Crystal Structure Analysis of PDZ2 domain of FAP-1 Ryota Kuroki Kirin Brewery Company, Limited JAPAN BL41XU 1
5 1999B0008-N -p (in Japanese only) Takatoshi Seto Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. JAPAN BL01B1 1.5
6 1999B0010-N -p (in Japanese only) Hirosuke Sumida Mazda Motor Corporation JAPAN BL01B1 3.5
7 1999B0011-NX -np X-ray Absorption Fine Structure of Selenium Free Clusters Makoto Yao Kyoto University JAPAN BL10XU 12
8 1999B0012-ND -np Equation of state and melting temperatures of iron at high pressures and temperatures Yanbin Wang The University of Chicago USA BL04B1 9
9 1999B0014-NL -np Crystallographic analyses of Halorhodopsin Hirokazu Nishida Hitachi Ltd. JAPAN BL41XU 3
10 1999B0016-N -p (in Japanese only) Takayoshi Kinoshita Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. JAPAN BL41XU 1.5
11 1999B0019-CL -np Dynamic Obsevation of Single Molecular Detection for Membrane Proteins Yuji Sasaki JASRI JAPAN BL44B2 11
12 1999B0020-NM -np Test Measurements of the Small Angle X-ray Scattering of Latex Particles for the Evaluation of BL40B2 Tetsuro Fujisawa RIKEN JAPAN BL40B2 3
13 1999B0021-NM -np Characterization of figure-8 undulator radiation Takashi Tanaka RIKEN JAPAN BL27SU 24
14 1999B0023-ND -np Viscosity measurement of melt in the system Fe-FeS at high pressures Takumi Kato University of Tsukuba JAPAN BL04B1 6
15 1999B0024-N -p (in Japanese only) Satoshi Sogabe Nippon Roche K.K. JAPAN BL41XU 1.5
16 1999B0025-ND -np Analysis of magnetic structurese at the Fe/Gd multilayer interfaces using the resonant diffuse scattering of circular polarized X-rays Hiroo Hashizume Nara Institute of Science & Technology JAPAN BL39XU 9
17 1999B0028-NL -np X-ray Structure Analysis of CO-bound [Ni-Fe] hydrogenase Yoshiki Higuchi Kyoto University JAPAN BL41XU 3
18 1999B0030-NL -np Time-resolved X-ray Structure Analysis of the Dynamic Ligand Structure of [Ni-Fe] hydrogenase Yoshiki Higuchi Kyoto University JAPAN BL44B2 6
19 1999B0031-CM -np Improvement of resolution of the soft X-ray grating monochromator Eiji Ishiguro University of Ryukyu JAPAN BL27SU 24
20 1999B0032-CM -np Characterization of a focussing mirror system and its application to electronic materials Eiji Ishiguro University of Ryukyu JAPAN BL27SU 18
21 1999B0034-CMD -np Development of X-ray timing detectors using multi-elemen APDs Shunji Kishimoto High Energy Accelerator Research Organization JAPAN BL09XU 12
22 1999B0035-NM -np Development of methods to determine the photon-beam axis of SR from Figure-8 undulator by means of inner-shell photoionization of rare gas Masaki Oura RIKEN JAPAN BL27SU 9
23 1999B0036-CS -np Feasibility study of the experimental apparatus for photoabsorption processes of multiply charged ions-III Masaki Oura RIKEN JAPAN BL23SU 15
24 1999B0037-CS -np Experimental study of photoabsorption processes of Oxygen and Neon ions (II) Hitoshi Yamaoka RIKEN JAPAN BL23SU 20
25 1999B0039-CL -np X-ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Structure Change of Hemoglobin Hideki Morimoto Osaka University JAPAN BL44B2 9
26 1999B0044-NL -np Crystal structure analysis of Hmc by using anomalous dispersion Naoki Shibata Himeji Institute of Technology JAPAN BL41XU 2
27 1999B0045-NL -np Synchrotron Radiation Study of cobalamin-dependant enzymes complexed with cobalamins Naoki Shibata Himeji Institute of Technology JAPAN BL41XU 1
28 1999B0046-CL -np Protein crystallography of acid proteinase A from Aspergillus niger var. macrosporus and 40kDa calcium-binding protein from Physarum polycephalum Masaru Tanokura The University of Tokyo JAPAN BL41XU 3
29 1999B0047-NL -np Study on structural change of Prostaglandin D synthase with X-ray samll angle scattering Katsuaki Inoue JASRI JAPAN BL40B2 15
30 1999B0048-CD -np Powder X-ray diffraction of solid hydrogen Haruki Kawamura Himeji Institute of Technology JAPAN BL10XU 6
31 1999B0052-CS -np Study on magnetism of rare earth-3d transition metal alloys and compounds by comparison between large and small MCD signals Tsuneaki Miyahara Tokyo Metropolitan University JAPAN BL25SU 3
32 1999B0053-CS -np Crystal Orientation Dependence of the Spin Polarization of Cu in Single Crystal Co/Cu Multilayers by MCD Method. Jun'ichiro Mizuki JAERI JAPAN BL39XU 12
33 1999B0056-NL -np X-ray small-angle scattering study for the quaternary structure of the glutamate dehydrogenase from hyperthemophile bacteria at high temperature Masayoshi Nakasako The University of Tokyo JAPAN BL45XU 1
34 1999B0057-NX -np Local structure around Eu atom for Eu@60 solid under ambient and high pressures Yoshihiro Kubozono Okayama University JAPAN BL01B1 9
35 1999B0058-NL -np Investigation of a single cell defense mechanism using in-vivo in-situ micro XRF imaging and micro XAFS Ali Motamed Ektessabi Kyoto University JAPAN BL39XU 3
36 1999B0059-NL -np Imaging and Chemical-state Analysis of Trace Elements Accumulated in Neurons of Patients with Neurodegenerative Disorders. Sohei Yoshida Wakayama Medical College JAPAN BL39XU 6
37 1999B0060-ND -np Study on Magnetite by Using Site Specific Nuclear Resonance Inelastic Scattering Makoto Seto Kyoto University JAPAN BL09XU 18
38 1999B0069-ND -np Developement of technique for characterizing silicon gate dielectric films using grazing incidence x-ray diffraction Seiji Kawado Sony Corporation JAPAN BL09XU 9
39 1999B0070-CX -np Local latice structure of crystal thin film of alkali halides. Takatoshi Murata Kyoto University of Education JAPAN BL01B1 6
40 1999B0071-ND -np Study of the Mechanism of Crystalline Growth in Electro-Deposited Cadmium Telluride by Total External X-ray Diffraction and Under-Potential Deposition Phenomena Ei-ichiro Matsubara Tohoku University JAPAN BL14B1 6
41 1999B0072-NS -np High-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of the Fe-based DO3-related alloy Kazuo Soda Nagoya University JAPAN BL25SU 12
42 1999B0073-CL -np Investigation of metal ion distribution in a single cell using SR micro beam Ali Motamed Ektessabi Kyoto University JAPAN BL39XU 6
43 1999B0074-NL -np Crystallographic analysis of the protein with unknown function from Thermus thermophilus HB8 Shinichi Kawaguchi RIKEN JAPAN BL41XU 3
44 1999B0076-NS -np High-resolution photoemission study of perovskite-type oxides Sr1-xCaxVO3 Akira Sekiyama Osaka University JAPAN BL25SU 12
45 1999B0077-NS -np Temperature dependence of high-resolution Ce 4f photoemission spectra of an antiferromagnet CeRh2Si2 Akira Sekiyama Osaka University JAPAN BL25SU 9
46 1999B0080-CM -np Fabrication and Focusing Test of High Energy X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate Nagao Kamijo Kansai Medical University JAPAN BL47XU 18
47 1999B0082-NM -np Production of X-ray Microbeam with a Grazing Incidence Mirror Akihisa Takeuchi JASRI JAPAN BL20B2 9
48 1999B0083-ND -np Separation of Magnetic moment of Single Crystal and Amorphous alloys of Ni50Gd50 in Magnetic Compton Scattering Yoshikazu Tanaka RIKEN JAPAN BL08W 15
49 1999B0084-ND -np Melting and Phase Relations of Ca(OH)2 under High Pressure and Temperature Osamu Ohtaka Osaka University JAPAN BL04B1 9
50 1999B0085-NX -np Canceled Osamu Ohtaka Osaka University JAPAN BL14B1 9