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List of SPring-8 Research Proposals 2000A in the first half of 2000 (1/8)

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S/N Proposal No. Project Leader Title of Experiment Beamline No.
1 2000A0002-NX -np HISANORI, Shinohara Local Structure around metal atom in Er@C60 and Sc@C70 BL01B1
2 2000A0033-NX -np MIKI, Niwa XAFS Study on the Support Effect of Pd Catalysts for Combustion of Hydrocarbons BL01B1
3 2000A0034-NX -np MIKI, Niwa Effects of the addition of heteroatoms to Pd/mordenite on the suppression of deactivation for NO-CH4-O2 reaction BL01B1
4 2000A0043-NX -np HISANOBU, Wakita XAFS analysis of rare earth complexes absorbed on metal oxides by an impregnation method from aqueous rare earth salt solutions that have different counter ions. BL01B1
5 2000A0059-NX -np TAKASHI, Yamamoto Structure Analysis of Alumina Supported Rare Earth Oxide Catalysts by K-edge XAFS Spectroscopy BL01B1
6 2000A0073-NX -np OSAMU, Ohtaka Precise measurements of anharmonic effective pair potential of Au, Pt and Pd under high pressure and temperature BL01B1
7 2000A0082-NX -np AKIFUMI, Onodera Valence state of strongly correlated compound CeCu2Ge2 at high pressure BL01B1
8 2000A0091-NX -np YOSHIHARU, Uchimoto XAFS Study of the Local Structures in Perovskite-type Solid Electrolytes BL01B1
9 2000A0096-CX -np MASASHI, Nakano EXAFS on adsorption of Cs in Bentonite barrier of nuclear waste repositories BL01B1
10 2000A0143-NX -np YASUTAKA, Nagai Local Structure Analyses of Pt-Loaded CeO2-ZrO2 Solid Solutions by XAFS Method BL01B1
11 2000A0166-CX -np KOUKICHI, Haga Local structure of erbium doped glasses studied with XAFS measurements BL01B1
12 2000A0171-NX -np SHUICHI, Emura High Resolusion XANES Spectroscopy in Mo-K-edge and Dy L-edge BL01B1
13 2000A0177-NX -np YOSHIAKI, Ito Resonant inelastic L X-ray emission spectra and L X-ray absorption spectra in W metal BL01B1
14 2000A0178-NX -np YOSHIAKI, Ito Cr K-X ray absorption spectra and Cr K-X ray emission spectra in chromium compounds BL01B1
15 2000A0194-NX -np HIROSHI, Kitagawa XANES Study on Pressure Induced Semiconductor-Metal- Semiconductor Transition of Pt(bqd)2 complex BL01B1
16 2000A0228-NX -np YUKIO, Noda The study of valence fluctuation transition under high pressure in CeP by using XANES method BL01B1
17 2000A0234-NX -np ATUSHI, Fujishima EXAFS on adsorption of different chemical state Sminbentonite Barrier of Geological disposal for High-level Waste. BL01B1
18 2000A0239-NX -np MAKIO, Kurisu XAFS study on valence fluctuation and structural transition in rare-earth intermetallic compounds BL01B1
19 2000A0241-NX -np TSUNEHIRO, Tanaka Structural Analysis of Active Species in Rh/TiO2 Photocatalyst for CO2 Reduction BL01B1
20 2000A0242-NX -np KIYOSHI, Otsuka Structural analysis of carbon-supported metal electrode effective for dechlorination of chloroaromatics BL01B1
21 2000A0244-NX -np KIYOSHI, Otsuka Characterization of V-Mo-Ox/SiO2 catalyst effective for hydroxylation of benzene BL01B1
22 2000A0253-COM -np TADASHI, Tamiya Energy characteristics of radiophotoluminescence glass dosimeter BL01B1
23 2000A0254-NX -np HIROYASU, Nishiguchi Local structure of Pd, Rh-ion exchanged silicoaluminophosphate (Pd, Rh-SAPO-5) using XAFS analysis BL01B1
24 2000A0265-NX -np HIROMI, Yamashita XAFS Studies on the Metal Clusters Highly Dispersed on Titanium Oxide-based Photocatalysts BL01B1
25 2000A0266-NX -np MASAKAZU, Anpo XAFS Studies to Clarify the Unique Function of Visible Light Absorption of Second Generation Titanium Oxide Thin Film Photocatalysts Which Capable of Operating under Visible Light Irradiation BL01B1
26 2000A0267-NX -np HIROYUKI, Kageyama XAFS study on the variation of local structure and valence state around Mo ion in layered oxide Li2MoO3 by the electrochemical de-intercalation BL01B1
27 2000A0278-NX -np KITOTOMI, Kaneda Structural Analysis of Metal Cations in Spinel Nanoparticles by K-edge XAFS Spectroscopy BL01B1
28 2000A0279-NX -np YASUSHIGE, Kuroda Site Selective Structural Analysis of Exchanged ions in ZSM-5-type Zeolite by An Optical XAFS Technique BL01B1
29 2000A0283-NX -np TOKUHIKO, Okamoto XAFS Study on Mo Organic Compound and Zn Organic Compound in Commertial Engine oil. BL01B1
30 2000A0300-NX -np HIDEKAZU, Kimura DAFS Study on Local Structure around Ba of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Thin Film BL01B1
31 2000A0305-NX -np PRABHAKAR, Sarode R Study of Local Environment of metal in M/CeO2(M=Ag, Pd) Automobile Catalysts by XAFS BL01B1
32 2000A0347-NX -np IKUO, Nakai The solid state reaction in Y-Mn alloys BL01B1
33 2000A0355-NX -np TOSHIHIDE, Baba Structural analysis of silver clusters in Zeolite by Ag K-edge XAFS BL01B1
34 2000A0357-NX -np TETSUYA, Shishido Structural Analysis of Pd catalysts for methanol conversion temperature by XAFS BL01B1
35 2000A0366-NX -np YUTAKA, Shimizugawa K-XAFS Study of Ce(III) ion doped optical materials BL01B1
36 2000A0408-NX -np KENICHIROH, Igashira XAFS Analysis of ceramic fibers as the reinforcing component for ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) BL01B1
37 2000A0409-NX -np SATORU, Nishiyama Study on Microstructure of active sites of metal oxides supported on meso-porous materials which catalyze the selective reduction of unsaturated carbonyl compounds BL01B1
38 2000A0410-NX -np YASUYUKI, Matsumura An XAFS Study on Structural Change of Ultrafine Palladium Particles by Hydrogen Adsorption BL01B1
39 2000A0411-NX -np YUICHI, Ichihashi XAFS Studies on Ag or Au doped Mesoporous Zeolite prepared BL01B1
40 2000A0412-NX -np QIANG, Xu XAFS study on the structures of cationic Rh and Ir carbonyl cluster catalysts BL01B1
41 2000A0413-NX -np SHUICHI, Emura Exploitation of Photo-Modulated XAFS Spectroscopy by Rhenium Complexes BL01B1
42 2000A0422-NX -np TAKAHIRO, Nakajima The Local Structural Analysis of Sb Catalyst in Polyehyleneterephthalate -2 BL01B1
43 2000A0431-BX -np TAKATOSHI, Murata Performance check of cryostat at BL01B1 BL01B1
44 2000A0432-BX -np YUKIO, Noda Study of charge ordering of MV2O5 compound by XANES measurements BL01B1
45 2000A0007-ND -np YASUHIRO, Takahashi X-Ray Diffraction by Monofilament of Cellulose and Silk BL02B1
46 2000A0132-ND -np YOSHIHIRO, Kuroiwa Structural study on the CDW transition in molybdenum oxides MonO(3n-1) and TeMO16 single crystals BL02B1
47 2000A0134-ND -np HIROYUKI, Kimura High-energy X-ray structure analysis in Nd2-xCexCuO4 (x=0.15) BL02B1
48 2000A0175-CD -np YUICHI, Akahama Single Crystal Analyses of e High-Pressure Phase of Solid Oxygen BL02B1
49 2000A0187-ND -np KOSHIRO, Toriumi Improvement and Advancement of the Vacuum Type Low-Background X-ray Camera: Accurate Crystal Structure Analyses of Micro-Crystals, at Low-Temperature, and under photo-Irradiation BL02B1
50 2000A0227-ND -np YUKIO, Noda The study of valence fluctuation transition under high pressure in CeP BL02B1