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General/Budding Research Suport/Time-Designated Proposals 2006B (1/7)

S/N #1~50 #51~100 #101~150 #151~200 #201~250 #251~300 #301~355

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2006B0002 Phase-contrast imaging of lungs Rob Lewis Monash University Australia BL20B2 17.5
2 2006B0003 Study of filler aggregate structure in rubber by time-resolved two-dimensional ultra-small- and small-angle X-ray scattering Yoshiyuki Amemiya The University of Tokyo Japan BL20XU 20.75
3 2006B0004 Study of filler aggregate structure in rubber by time-resolved two-dimensional ultra-small- and small-angle X-ray scattering Yoshiyuki Amemiya The University of Tokyo Japan BL40B2 9
4 2006B0005 Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Accurate Analysis of Next Generation Nano- Scale Devices for Post-Scaling Technology Shigeaki Zaima Nagoya University Japan BL47XU 17.875
5 2006B0006 Measurements of SuperRENS. Optical Memory Material Properties BL01B1 Paul Fons National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL01B1 9
6 2006B0007 Characterization of  Hard X-ray imaging system on board flight experiment Yasushi Ogasaka Nagoya University Japan BL20B2 23.75
7 2006B0010 Functions and structure woven by coexisting charge-ordered domains: Time- and space- resolved x-ray diffraction from fluctuating charge orders Ichiro Terasaki Waseda University Japan BL02B1 32.75
8 2006B0011 Measurements of SuperRENS. Optical Memory Material Properties Paul Fons National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL39XU 20.875
9 2006B0012 Supramolecular Structure of a New Cationic Liposome/p-DNA Complex and Structural Development and Dynamics Kazuo Sakurai The University of Kitakyushu Japan BL40B2 17.875
10 2006B0013 Crystallographic analysis on the reaction mechanism of membrane transport proteins Chikashi Toyoshima The University of Tokyo Japan BL41XU 24.875
11 2006B1002 Feasibility study of dual-energy x-ray CT Masami Torikoshi National Institute of Radiological Sciences Japan BL20B2 14.75
12 2006B1003 Structural refinement of the high-pressure phase hollandite II using the Caesar technique Yanbin Wang The University of Chicago USA BL04B1 12
13 2006B1004 Protein-protein interaction and crystallization induced by  polymers Shinpei Tanaka Hiroshima University Japan BL40B2 3
14 2006B1009 Magnetic study by Photoemission electron microscope FangZhun Guo JASRI Japan BL17SU 8.875
15 2006B1013 Dynamics of Lamellae-Fddd-Gyroid transitions in diblock copolymer melts Mikihito Takenaka Kyoto University Japan BL45XU 6
16 2006B1014 Analysis of reaction mechanism of protein splicing Ryuta Mizutani Tokai University Japan BL38B1 2.875
17 2006B1015 Deveropment of zoom-detector for X-ray CT Masayuki Uesugi JASRI Japan BL20B2 12
18 2006B1018 In-situ observation of fatigue crack initiation and propagation behaviours in metallic materials Hiroyuki Toda Toyohashi University of Technology Japan BL20XU 11.75
19 2006B1019 Study of new photoelectron holography, which can reconstruct atomic arrangement in all directions. Tomohiro Matsushita JASRI Japan BL25SU 12
20 2006B1020 Photoelectron Interference Pattern (PEIP): A Two-particle Bragg-reflection Demonstration Martin Månsson Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Sweden BL25SU 20.875
21 2006B1022 X-ray Radiography Study of Se-melt viscosity under high pressure Vadim Veniaminovich Brazhkin Institute for High Pressure Physics Russia BL04B1 8.875
22 2006B1024 Small-angle X-ray Scattering Study on Change in Morphology of Shell-crosslinkable Polymer Micelle Isamu Akiba The University of Kitakyushu Japan BL40B2 3
23 2006B1026 Study on stratum corneum lipid structures of skin disease therapeutic models using a micro X-ray beam with high flux Kiyofumi Yamanishi Hyogo College of Medicine Japan BL40XU 6
24 2006B1027 Real-time Observations of Reversible Phase Transition and Tilting Phenomena of Ultra-oriented Polyacrylonitrile at Elevated Temperatures using Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction. Daisuke Sawai Tokyo University of Science Japan BL40B2 3
25 2006B1029 Chemical effects in Europium and Gadlinium K beta spectra: measurement with 1.3m wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Kenji Sakurai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL37XU 8.875
26 2006B1030 Trial of monitoring chemical changes by time-resolved X-ray fluorescence spctrometer Kenji Sakurai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL40XU 9
27 2006B1032 Depelopement of respiratory and caridiac gated in vivo-CT Toshihiro Sera The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL20B2 11.875
28 2006B1033 3D diffraction imaging of nano-structures using the phase-retrieval x-ray diffractometry method Andrei Nikulin Monash University Australia BL13XU 15
29 2006B1036 Wide-angle scattering study of role of glucosphingolipids on neuroaxonal formation Mitsuhiro Hirai Gunma University Japan BL40B2 2.875
30 2006B1037 Development of space resolution in the infrared spectroscopy by near field technique Takahiko Sasaki Tohoku University Japan BL43IR 5.875
31 2006B1039 Crystal Structure Determination of Structurally Complex Electron Compounds InMn3 and Ag5Li8 containing 52 atoms in the Unit Cell Uichiro Mizutani Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute Japan BL02B2 3
32 2006B1043 Modulation of phase heterogeneity in model membranes by ceramide. Peter J Quinn Kings College London UK BL40B2 5.75
33 2006B1047 Production of neutral excited fragments following inner-shell excitation: electric-field effects. James Harries JASRI Japan BL27SU 6
34 2006B1048 Correlation between Chirality of Spiral Magnetism and Ferroelectric Polarization in RMnO3 Taka-hisa Arima Tohoku University Japan BL46XU 11.875
35 2006B1050 Analysis of higher-order structre of crystalline polymer thin films during annealing by synchrotron grazing-incidence small-angle and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SR-GISWAXS) method Sono Sasaki JASRI Japan BL40B2 6
36 2006B1051 Regional Analyses of X-ray Diffraction and Protein Concentration Gradient to Obtain Optical Property in Developing Rat Lens Satoshi Mohri Okayama University Japan BL40B2 2.875
37 2006B1053 Temperature dependence of inelastic x-ray scattering spectra in SmOs4Sb12 Satoshi Tsutsui JASRI Japan BL35XU 9
38 2006B1054 Microbeam diffraction study on insulin spherulite Naoto Yagi JASRI Japan BL40XU 6
39 2006B1055 Higher order structure of native collagen by small angle diffraction Kenji Okuyama Osaka University Japan BL40B2 3
40 2006B1058 Crystallographic study of the bacterial flagellar export chaperone, FliT  Katsumi Imada Osaka University Japan BL41XU 5.875
41 2006B1059 Ultra-high resolution X-ray crystallography of P.abyssi rubredoxin Heiko Boenisch Karolinska Institutet Sweden BL41XU 5.875
42 2006B1061 X-ray powder diffration and Raman scattering of solid hydrogen at high pressures and low temperature Haruki Kawamura University of Hyogo Japan BL10XU 12
43 2006B1066 Ultra-high magnetic field XMCD study on metamagnetic transitions in a rare-earth inter-metallic compound Yasuhiro Matsuda Tohoku University Japan BL39XU 12
44 2006B1067 Structural analysis for the substrate specificity of a novel glycosidase, unsaturated rhamnogalacturonyl hydrolase, responsible for the degradation plant cell wall Takafumi Itoh Kyoto University Japan BL38B1 2.75
45 2006B1068 Crystallographic study of DNA polymerase/PCNA complex from Pyrococcus furiosus Hirokazu Nishida Hitachi, Ltd. Japan BL38B1 6
46 2006B1069 Undercooled liquid structure of bulk metallic glass forming alloys studied by high-energy x-ray diffraction combined with conical nozzle levitation technique Akitoshi Mizuno Gakushuin University Japan BL04B2 11.875
47 2006B1071 Phonon dispersion and scattering in the complex-structure-alloys to reduce the thermal conductivity Tsunehiro Takeuchi Nagoya University Japan BL02B2 3
48 2006B1072 Orbital degrees of freedom of vanadium and structural phase transition in spinel CoV2O4 Takuro Katsufuji Waseda University Japan BL02B2 5.875
49 2006B1073 XAFS Analysis of Nickel Structure in the Novel Manganese Compound Takanori Miyake Kansai University Japan BL19B2 3
50 2006B1076 Study of Three-dimensional Structure of Nano-particle Distributed in Rubber Hiroyuki Kishimoto SRI Research & Development, Ltd. Japan BL47XU 9