SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Priority Research Proposals 2007A: Industrial Application Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2007A1879 Infrared Spectroscopy of Highly Boron-doped Diamonds Osamu Arimoto Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Japan BL43IR 2.875
2 2007A1881 Higher-order structure analysis of the fullerene derivative films for the development of the solution-processed high-mobility n-channel organic thin-film transistors Shuichi Nagamatsu Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan BL13XU 5.875
3 2007A1882 Structure of glasses with high hydrogen-gas permeability Masayuki Nogami Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan BL04B2 5.75
4 2007A1883 Structure of amorphous bio-mineralized iron oxide nano-particles Tatsuo Fujii Okayama University Japan BL04B2 6
5 2007A1884 The observation of the magnetic domain for the magnetized Nd-Fe-B magnets by means of XMCD-PEEM Hiroshi Nozaki Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL25SU 5.75
6 2007A1885 Stability of hexagonal diamond synthesized under very high pressure. Katsuya Shimizu Osaka University Japan BL10XU 12
7 2007A1886 Analysis of Structural Change of Human Hair with Aging and Verification of the anti-aging technology by Scanning Microbeam SAXS Yoshio Kajiura KAO Corperation Japan BL40XU 5.875
8 2007A1887 Conformational changes induced in lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase (L-PGDS) by binding of lipophilic drugs Takashi Inui Osaka Prefecture University Japan BL40B2 8.75
9 2007A1888 Development of transdermal delivery system based on dynamics of lipid lamellar structures in stratum corneum Yasuko Obata Hoshi University Japan BL40B2 8.375
10 2007A1889 Study on acid generator distribution at resist-substrate interface of ultrathin resist materials by X-ray reflectivity measurement Hiroji Komano Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd Japan BL46XU 8.375
11 2007A1890 Temperature dependence for isotropic atomic displacement parameter of SOFC electrolyte materials Takanori Itoh AGC SEIMI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Japan BL02B2 6
12 2007A1891 Electronic structure analysis for stabilizing the electric properties of compound semiconductors Junji Iihara Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL27SU 9
13 2007A1892 Micro Magnetic structure of patterned media using um-beam XMCD Tatsumi Hirano Hitachi, Ltd. Japan BL39XU 9
14 2007A1893 Structural Analysis of Lamella Structure in Stratum Corneum with Scanning Microbeam SAXS and WAXS Yasushi Katayama KAO Corperation Japan BL40XU 6
15 2007A1894 Phase structural analysis of emulsion by monochromatic X-ray CT scan using synchrotron radiation Takuji Kume KAO Corperation Japan BL20XU 6
16 2007A1897 Characterization of the Chemical State and Local Structure of Iron Rust Shigeru Suzuki Tohoku University Japan BL01B1 3
17 2007A1898 Characterization of in-situ Phase Transformation in Commercial Iron-based Shape Memory Alloys Shigeru Suzuki Tohoku University Japan BL19B2 2.75
18 2007A1899 Structural characterization of niobium surface for development of novel electrolytic capacitors Hiroki Habazaki Hokkaido University Japan BL46XU 4.25
19 2007A1900 Effect of initial surface structure on structure change of aluminum anodic oxide film. Masatoshi Sakairi Hokkaido University Japan BL46XU 5.25
20 2007A1901 Three dimensional observations of human-hair internal structures with Scanning   Phase-contrast-difference Microscopic Imaging. Yoshimichi Iwamoto Reinhalt Corporation Japan BL20XU 11.75
21 2007A1902 Studies on the mechanism of coercivity enhancement due to dilute Ag addition in Nd-Fe-B parmanent magnets by means of fluorescence XAFS measurement Satoshi Hirosawa Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Japan BL01B1 5.875
22 2007A1903 Observation of magnetic domain wall motion for advanced MRAM devices by XMCD-PEEM Norikazu Ohshima NEC Corporation Japan BL25SU 9
23 2007A1904 Quality improvement on X-ray micro-CT images obtained by incomplete projection data of microjoints on electronic packaging with planer structure Yoshiyuki Okamoto Cosel Co., Ltd. Japan BL20XU 6
24 2007A1905 Development of Fretting Fatigue Crack Propagation Model and New Design of Turbine Rotor Groove Takayuki Kurimura Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
25 2007A1906 In-situ observation of water distribution within polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells Taihei Mukaide Canon Inc. Japan BL20B2 5.75
26 2007A1907 Development of advanced rubber material having functionalized polymer ends Tetsuo Tominaga JSR Corporation Japan BL19B2 6
27 2007A1908 Effect of Interface Layer to High-Speed Rewritable Phase-Change Optical Recording Media by HX-PES method. Tsukasa Nakai Toshiba Corporation Japan BL47XU 8.875
28 2007A1910 CTR surface structure analysis on platinum at electrochemical interface Hideto Imai NEC Corporation Japan BL13XU 8.75
29 2007A1911 Real time monitoring of the anode reaction in direct-methanol fuel cells by using time resolved dispersive XAFS Hideto Imai NEC Corporation Japan BL28B2 9
30 2007A1912 Study of the electronic structures at the interface between the carbon nanotube via and upper metal electrodes for possible future LSI interconnect and heat removal applications Yuji Awano Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, Inc. Japan BL47XU 5.625
31 2007A1913 Precise Evaluation of the Strain Distribution in sc-SSOI Substrate for MOSFET Performance Improvement Atsushi Ogura Meiji University Japan BL13XU 6
32 2007A1914 Development of ferromagnetic materials for CPP-GMR films showing high magnetoresistance ratio. Kiyoshi Noguchi TDK Corporation Japan BL25SU 6
33 2007A1917 Crystal structural analysis of LixCoO2 (0.1<=x<=1) below ambient temperature Kazuhiko Mukai Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL19B2 6
34 2007A1918 Precise crystal structure analysis of lithium ion conductor by powder X-ray diffraction Tatsuya Furuya Sony Corporation Japan BL02B2 3
35 2007A1919 SPELEEM evaluations of thickness dependence of physical properties of graphite thin films formed on SiC Hiroki Hibino Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Japan BL17SU 5.875
36 2007A1920 Structure Analysis of Platinum Catalyst for Industrial Silicone Applications Joji Kuniya Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan BL01B1 3
37 2007A1921 Study on photodeposition of noble metal species on various photocatalysts Kentaro Teramura Kyoto University Japan BL28B2 11.75
38 2007A1922 Fluorescence EXAFS study of local structure around Hf atoms in high-k gate dielectrics HfSiON Masaharu Oshima The University of Tokyo Japan BL01B1 6
39 2007A1924 Structural investigations of chalcogenide compounds crystallized in the homologous phase Toshiyuki Matsunaga Matsushita Technoresearch, Inc. Japan BL02B2 6
40 2007A1925 Structural Analysis of Oxide Films on Surface of Titanium Masao Kimura Nippon Steel Corporation Japan BL46XU 8.875
41 2007A1926 XAFS analysis for the role of titanium element on the formation of Spinel oxide in rapid cooling process. Hidenori Terasaki Osaka University Japan BL01B1 3
42 2007A1927 Characterization of thin Film Layer for optical recording material contained Bi element by High-Energy Photoemission Spectroscopy Hideyuki Yasufuku Ricoh Co., Ltd. Japan BL47XU 5.75
43 2007A1929 Mechanistic study by in-situ XAFS on reaction of desulfurization catalysts for fuel cells Nobuharu Kimura NIPPON OIL CORPORATION Japan BL01B1 6
44 2007A1930 Development of X-ray speckle and resonant X-ray magnetic speckle experiments to evaluate magnetic thin films Naoki Awaji Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. Japan BL39XU 12
45 2007A1931 Development of XMCD/ESMH measurement for magnetic devices using x-ray fluorescence method Tatsumi Hirano Hitachi, Ltd. Japan BL25SU 6
46 2007A1932 Characterization of electronic properties of transparent conducting films by hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Tadao Shibuya Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. Japan BL47XU 6
47 2007A1933 Study on the high strength of sulfur-cured natural rubber as revealed by SPring-8 - For new development of rubber industry and technology in 21st century - Yuko Ikeda Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan BL40XU 5.875
48 2007A1934 Observation on the magnetostriction and relative magnetization of nickel at low temperatures Etsuo Arakawa Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Japan BL39XU 9
49 2007A1935 Evaluation of structure determination from micro-sized single crystals of industrial organic materials by Synchrotron radiation. Daisuke Hashizume The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL02B1 18
50 2007A1937 Characterization of amorphous oxide semiconductor thin films using Grazing Incidence Small Angle X-ray Scattering Kazuhiro Takada Canon Inc. Japan BL46XU 5.875
51 2007A1938 Evaluation of structure determination from powder diffraction using very small quantity of industrial organic materials by synchrotron radiation. Daisuke Hashizume The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL19B2 18
52 2007A1939 Study of the crystallinity on a surface of alignment films consistent with the high orientation and the low residual DC. Hidenori Ishii Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 8.75
53 2007A1940 Vortex formation of artificially-fabricated magnetic micro-structures studied by SPELEEM Fumihiko Maeda Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Japan BL17SU 3
54 2007A1941 Characterization of uperlattice structure in FeCo alloy nanoparticles synthesized by reduction in non-aqueous solution and its temperature dependence Kozo Shinoda Tohoku University Japan BL19B2 6
55 2007A1942 Real time observation of variation of filler aggregated structure in rubber under heated shear flow. Naoya Amino The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Japan BL19B2 5.875
56 2007A1943 Structural analysis of keratin in the stratum corneum for human skin-moisturizing mechanism Keiko Tsuji Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Japan BL40B2 3
57 2007A1944 Mechanism of anti-bacterium and deodorization of washing clothes by silver ion coating Yasuhiro Konishi Osaka Prefecture University Japan BL01B1 3
58 2007A1945 Crystallographic analyses of de- and remineralization of enamel lesion. Tomoko Tanaka EZAKI GLICO CO., LTD. Japan BL40XU 5.875
59 2007A1946 Biochemical evaluation of antimicrobial activity of Ag ion using SR-XRF Mikihiro Yamanaka Sharp Corporation Japan BL37XU 6
60 2007A1947 Study on arsenic kinetics in plant body of hyperaccumulator by using micro XRF imaging. Nobuyuki Kitajima Fujita Corporation Japan BL37XU 9
61 2007A1949 Structural analysis of DLC films Takashi Iseki Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL46XU 6
62 2007A1951 Study of understanding spatial distributions of voids and structure materials in cement paste Takashi Hitomi Obayashi Corporation Japan BL20XU 5.25
63 2007A1952 Electron-density analysis and ionic conduction path in exhausts gas catalysts Takahiro Wakita Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Japan BL02B2 3
64 2007A1953 Grazing Incident X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Thin Oxide Complex for Future Gate Insulator Kuniyuki Kakushima Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL46XU 6
65 2007A1955 Structural analysis of the skin stratum corneum by external solution control cell. -the effect of glycerol concentrations on the skin penetration- Hiromitsu Nakazawa Kwansei Gakuin University Japan BL40B2 5.875
66 2007A1956 Photoelectron spectroscopy study on chemical binding states of ultra-shallow plasma-doped silicon layer by using hard X-ray for the application of advanced ULSI devices Chengguo Jin Ultimate Junction Technologies, Inc. Japan BL47XU 6
67 2007A1957 Determination of Adhended Element in Diesel Exhausted nano sized Particles by using XAFS Iwao Uchiyama Kyoto University Japan BL01B1 2.875
68 2007A1960 Enhancement of impurity diffusion in semiconductors by IR excitation Koun Shirai Osaka University Japan BL43IR 8.875
69 2007A1961 Study on new high-capacity type nickel hydroxides for Ni/MH battery.- Fine structure analysis of α type nickel hydroxides substituted of Ni with various elements such as Mn ,Al and so on- Tetsuya Ozaki GS Yuasa Corporation Japan BL01B1 2.625
70 2007A1962 Estimation of nano-scale precipitates in metals by small-angle X-ray scattering analysis Yasuhiro Aruga Kobe Steel, Ltd. Japan BL40B2 3