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Priority Research Proposals 2007A: Medical Biology Trial Use Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2007A1843 A candidate of new progenitor for hepatocarcinogenesis, the amount and subcellular localization of metal elements Yoshitake Hayashi Kobe University Japan BL47XU 5.875
2 2007A1844 Tomographic analysis of neuronal structure of central nervous system Ryuta Mizutani Tokai University Japan BL20XU 6
3 2007A1845 Three dimensional structural analysis of infected skin lesions with sarcoptic mites by X-ray micro-CT Hideyuki Yoshimura Meiji University Japan BL20B2 2.75
4 2007A1846 Three dimensional structural analysis of sarcoptic mites by X-ray micro-CT Hideyuki Yoshimura Meiji University Japan BL47XU 3
5 2007A1847 3-dimensional reconstruction of neural networks in the cerebral cortex by using phase-contrast X-ray micro-CT technology Haruo Mizutani The University of Tokyo Japan BL20XU 6
6 2007A1848 The use of differential phase X-ray imaging microscopy to study fine bone structure in mice: analysis of osteocytes and microvasculature in cortical and trabecular bones Koichi Matsuo Keio University Japan BL20XU 6
7 2007A1851 Experimental studies of changes of tumor microvessels and the mechanism of tumor recurrence after transarterial embolization using monochromatic x-ray. Shigeki Imai Kawasaki Medical School Japan BL20B2 2
8 2007A1852 Molecular pathology of the cell and tissue damage in the inherited copper metabolic disorders by direct spatial demonstration of copper deposition Akihiro Matsuura Fujita Health University Japan BL37XU 8.875
9 2007A1853 Treatment of brain tumor and peritumoral brain edema after microbeam radiation Takeshi Kondo Kobe University Japan BL28B2 17.5
10 2007A1855 Evaluation of Atherosclerosis Plaque and Detection of Unstable Plaque Using Phase-contrast Computed Tomography Imaging with X-ray Talbot Interferometer Mitsuhiro Yokoyama Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Hospital Japan BL20XU 9
11 2007A1857 Cancer Therapy Application with Synchrotron Radiation Teruki Teshima Osaka University Japan BL20B2 2.75